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Newest Chicagoland brewery trail follows historic road

information provided by Evil Horse Brewing Company

CRETE, Ill. (April 18 , 2019) – Eight southside breweries have launched Chicagoland’s newest brewery trail. The trail follows the historic Dixie Highway from Beverly on the north to Crete on the south.

Participating breweries on Dixie Highway itself are Horse Thief Hollow, Open Outcry Brewing Co., Blue Island Beer Co., Vice District Brewing Co. – Homewood, and Evil Horse Brewing Co. To the west is Flossmoor Station Brewery, and to the east are Rabid Brewing and One Trick Pony Brewery.

Guests can pick up passports at each participating brewery or download them from the trail’s website at Once all eight breweries have been visited, guests can turn their passport in for a prize and a chance to win one of four brewery swag baskets.

About Dixie Highway

In 1914, Carl G. Fisher (who also helped plan the Lincoln Highway—one of the earliest transcontinental highways across the United States) came up with the idea to create the Dixie Highway. The highway was part of the National Auto Trail system and was a network of paved roads, rather than one single highway. The western route of the Dixie Highway ran from Chicago to Miami, allowing a way for northern automobile tourists to drive to Miami for vacation. While originally supervised by The Dixie Highway Association, each town along the route was responsible for building and maintaining its section of the highway. In the late 1920s, the federal government took it over as part of the U.S. Route system. Over the decades, the Dixie Highway has played a significant role in each of the towns along its path, and the highway has a storied history.

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