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Mike Fish, Trustee candidate

Mike Fish

Village Voice Party, Lansing, Illinois

by Jennifer Yos


A Lansing resident for 50 years, Fish is a retired employee of the Village with 30 years’ service in the Public Works Department, the last four of which he served as both Assistant Superintendent and Interim Superintendent. Mike and his wife Kathy have raised their family in Lansing and dedicate themselves to community-based public service. Fish has been a Cub Scout leader, a school booster, a swimming coach for the disabled, and a Lansing Copper Mugger. He has served on the LARC board for developmentally disabled adults, later serving as its President. He also served on the Lan-Oak Park Board, eventually serving as its President. Currently Fish is serving on the Village Planning and Zoning Board.


Fish believes it is important for Trustees to listen to Lansing residents and to regularly communicate. He states that his experiences both as a Village employee and as a volunteer have allowed him to form connections with residents of all ages, races, and creeds. He notes that although Lansing residents may have differences of opinion, he believes “everyone shares the common desire to live in a town where neighbors support each other, where government acts to provide its residents with the best possible services, and where we can thrive not only as individuals, but as a community.” He expresses a desire to ensure that village government is “responsive, transparent, and honest.”


Two goals he mentioned within his January 23 public speech are:

  1. To recognize and value senior citizens and provide them with information and programs to communicate the directions of the Village
  2. To support high-quality professional development and technology for police, fire, and public works employees.


Jennifer Yos
Jennifer Yos
Jennifer Yos grew up on Walter Street in Lansing with nine siblings. She attended St. Ann’s School and T.F. South, and she earned a BA in the Teaching of English from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and a MS in Education: Curriculum and Instruction from the University of St. Francis, Joliet. For 34 years she taught English, as well as Creative Writing and Drama, at Lincoln-Way High School. She dabbled in freelance journalism for the Joliet Herald News Living section. Now retired, Jennifer appreciates the opportunity to write for The Lansing Journal and is uplifted by the variety of positive people she has already met who are making a difference in Lansing.