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4 candidates; 3 choices; April 2

Lansing’s ballot of Village Trustee candidates integrates past, present, and future

From left: Village Voice Party candidates Jerry Zeldenrust, Saad Abbasy, and Mike Fish; Independent candidate Larry Thomas. On April 2, Lansing voters will be asked to choose any three candidates from these four options. (Photos: Melanie Jongsma and Josh Bootsma)
by Lansing Journal staff

LANSING, Ill. (February 8, 2019) – On January 23, about 100 people gathered at Jack’s Sports Pub for the Village Voice Party’s press conference, marking an unofficial start to Lansing’s 2019 campaign season. Those in attendance heard from the party’s leader, Mayor Patty Eidam, and her slate of three Trustee candidates—Saad Abbasy, Mike Fish, and Jerry Zeldenrust. The various presentations lasted approximately 45 minutes, but the mingling, food, and socializing before and after extended the event to about two hours.

A fourth candidate—Larry Thomas—has focused his time on one-on-one or small group conversations with residents. Working alone, he doesn’t have the resources or synergy that the party has, but he plans to share his enthusiasm, involvement, and ideas with residents in upcoming events before April 2.

The Lansing Journal met with all four Village Trustee candidates in late January in order to learn about their background and relevant experience, their values, and their hopes for Lansing. Below, in alphabetical order, we provide links to the summary created for each candidate. Those links will open up a separate post for each candidate.

We also hope Lansing residents will subscribe to our daily online newsfeed in order to stay informed about upcoming campaign developments.

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