RDG and OTP team up to serve veterans on Monday, November 12

by Melanie Jongsma

LANSING, Ill. (November 8, 2018) – When Richie Kostner, owner of RDG Motorsports, decided to offer free oil changes to veterans on Monday, November 12, he realized his small waiting room might be a problem. If dozens of veterans decided to take advantage of his offer, he would need a place to put them all.

So Kostner walked across the street to One Trick Pony and asked if they would open early that Monday—at 8:00am instead of their regular 3:00pm. That way the brewery could serve as an overflow waiting room.

OTP Owner Mark Kocol decided he could do better than just be a waiting room—he’ll be offering half-price beers to veterans on that Monday.

So veterans are encouraged to to venture down Chappel Avenue on Monday, November 12, for free oil changes and half-price beers.

RDG Motorsports is located at 17864 Chappel Avenue in Lansing. One Trick Pony Brewery is located at 17845-17851 Chappel Avenue Lansing.