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Waters Edge keeps growing and changing with time

Pond store sells gifts, clothing, furniture, and home décor as well as pond and garden supplies

Waters Edge sells a variety of holiday decor and women’s clothing as well as garden and pond supplies. (Photo: Patricia Muhammad)
by Patricia Muhammad

Waters Edge shop owner Carolyn Scofield describes her pond and gift shop business as a store in constant change. “Business is decent,” Carolyn says. “What started out as a pond store became a garden center. Then it became a gift and home décor store, and now we do full Christmas [items], a ladies boutique, and vintage furniture. We started out with 500 square feet, and now we have more than 4,000 square feet of space.”

Waters Edge
Carolyn Scofield, owner of Waters Edge Gift and Garden Center, is always looking for ways to help the next customer. (Photo: Patricia Muhammad)
Dave and Carolyn Scofield have installed more than 100 ponds in the Lansing vicinity. Their store, Waters Edge, offers a variety of ponds and pond accessories. (Photo: Patricia Muhammad)

The pond business was inspired after Carolyn’s husband installed a miniature water piece in their back yard. Carolyn says, “When David and I got married, we both were gardeners, and I wanted a small water feature in my backyard. My husband went overboard and built me a pond. He doesn’t do anything small.”

David named the store Waters Edge because of their pond business. Together, they installed more than 100 water ponds in the Lansing vicinity.

“We did that for a couple of years; with both of us working a full-time job. Dave quit his job in 2001, and in 2005 we opened Waters Edge.”

According to Scofield, it takes three to seven days to install a pond. The store currently offers a variety of ponds, including both waterless ponds and formal ponds.

Hidden treasures

The store recently hosted an autumn event titled “Trunk & Rethunk Junk” show, featuring ladies apparel, jewelry, and reinvented furniture.

Shoppers can find a white Christmas at Waters Edge. (Photo: Patricia Muhammad)

As shoppers venture through the store, they experience a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere filled with whimsical glass figurines, fairy garden statues, and an awesome white Christmas display.

“This is a hidden treasure in the Lansing community,” says Angelina Beck, first-time Waters Edge shopper. “Today, I found items in the store I would not have expected to find — like a Christmas wonderland, and peace and tranquility amidst waterfalls. It’s beautiful here.”

Karen Tarpley, Store Manager for Waters Edge, has worked for the store for more than ten years. One of Tarpley’s jobs is to select unique items for the store. She says, “We choose items based on what we think our customers will buy. There are things we like, but it’s always about what is attractive to our shoppers.”

Waters Edge
Cubs fans visit Waters Edge to find new ways to show their team spirit. (Photo: Patricia Muhammad)

Seasonal fun

Carolyn says, “We have Halloween in fall décor, and then at the beginning of November, we will feature our holiday open house, which is November 10th, 11th, 12th. During the Christmas holidays, the store will host a Best Friend Forever (BFF) Weekend Sale.”

Carolyn explained the garden portion, gift shop and home decor came over a period of time. “The garden part of it was a natural progression, but we needed to do something when we had down time when the garden center isn’t (thriving), so we brought in the home décor. The Christmas part of the store came in with the home decor, and so did the ladies boutique.”

“We have different events all the time, and they also keep changing,” Carolyn says.

Community service

Scofield was born in Lansing and is still an involved resident. Beginning in 1977, she was active in the Lansing Public School system with Girl Scouts and PTA, where she held multiple offices. Scofield ran for school board president for School District 158. In 1991, she was in charge of the Lansing Centennial (1891-1991), under then-Mayor Bob West. In 1992, she served as president of the Lansing Old Timers, a local girls’ softball team. The team went to France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany.

She served as LACE president for two years and also president of the Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce for two years. Currently, she serves as treasurer for the Chamber.

Waters Edge is located at 18418 Wentworth in Lansing, and is open Monday–Friday 9:00am–5:00pm, Saturdays 10:00am–3:00pm, and Sundays during the holiday season.

Patricia Muhammad
Patricia Muhammad
Patricia Muhammad is a contributing writer for both The Lansing Journal and the South Holland Shopper. She enjoys writing stories about events, people, and places she feels would interest local residents—such as the Lansing Car Show, Super Teci's benefit, Water's Edge, and Recycling 101. She is also a published author of three children's books: Princess Feldings & The Academy of Queens, Prince Hasmir High Seas Adventure, and When Jaguars Roar.


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