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Life in Lansing, expanded edition



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Have you ever noticed the summer flowers around the Welcome to Lansing signs? Have you walked along Ridge Road early enough to watch the sunrise? Have you seen Lansing’s people — enjoy a Fox Pointe concert, stand in the rain to vote, wait for Chimney Swifts to arrive at dusk? All of those moments give Lansing, Illinois, a special sense of community. The Lansing Journal has been documenting life in Lansing through daily news reports about our local schools, businesses, churches, government, parks, and events — all the ordinary things that make a community feel like home. In telling those stories, we often include photos as well. This book is a collection of some of our favorites. We hope as you page through it, you’ll be reminded of the things you love about Lansing, and maybe you’ll see some new things to be proud of as well.

Enjoy Life in Lansing! A beautiful hardcover book with 40 pages of photos that give you a fresh look at Lansing, through the lens of the local reporters who cover our community. This expanded edition offers 16 more full-page photos, and the captions tell the stories of the unique people, events, buildings, and weather that make Lansing a true community.

Makes a great gift, especially for people who are new to Lansing or people who still consider Lansing their hometown though they moved away.

Plus, each purchase helps support the work of The Lansing Journal, the hometown newspaper that keeps this community informed and connected.

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