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Monday: A rainy beginning to a rainy work week

Above: In an effort to fit in as many local photos as possible before the end of March (we start over each month), today’s weather post includes a collection of recent submissions.

“On Wright Street, our emerging purple lilac buds against the cold grey Lansing skies promise that spring is almost here,” wrote David Franklin during last week’s cold spell. (Photo: David Franklin)
Laurie Boer noticed a small bird hiding near the roofline at Lansing’s Gus Bock’s Ace Hardware store. (Photo: Laurie Boer)
“Beautiful reddish, pink blossoms each spring enhance TF South’s landscape,” wrote Laurie Boer when she snapped this photo along 186th Street last Sunday. (Photo: Laurie Boer)
“At first I caught a glimpse of this full moon Sunday through my living room blinds,” wrote Gina Franklin last Sunday. “I had to go outside to see it clearer.” She braved the windy chill to grab this dramatic photo. (Photo: Gina Franklin)
“You don’t have to wake up quite as early right now to catch the sunrise,” wrote Dave Schurman, “but I was able to catch this one while letting the dogs out in the backyard. In a few weeks the trees will be blocking this view, so I’m glad I captured it now.” (Photo: Dave Schurman)
“I saw this Canadian couple on my way to work one morning,” wrote Gina Franklin, “in the field by 177th and Wright Street. Happy Easter!” (Photo: Gina Franklin)
“It seems like an odd thing to celebrate,” wrote Steven Carr last Thursday, “but I found this dandelion in the middle of my front yard today.” (Photo: Steven Carr)
“Beautiful sunrise March 29 at Thorn Creek Flying Field,” wrote Laurie Boer. Her shot also captured two deer grazing in the field. (Photo: Laurie Boer)
“Early morning hustle,” wrote Betty Burley, who snapped this photo while setting up for one of the weekly food giveaways at Mount Zion UFL on Torrence Avenue. “Check out that beautiful sunrise over 177th Street.” (Photo: Betty Burley)
“The squirrels in my backyard enjoy the corn we put out on their picnic table!” wrote Jen Arnold from her home on Burnham Avenue. (Photo: Jen Arnold)
Sam Schmidtke found a blister beetle (also known as an oil beetle) while visiting his grandmother, local weather photographer Wilma Straatman. He snapped this shot on her phone and Googled to find out that these beetles produce an oil that causes blisters on contact with human or animal skin. (Photo: Sam Schmidtke)
Wilma Straatman captured some spring greenery along the Thorn Creek Trail on Easter Sunday afternoon. (Photo: Wilma Straatman)

LANSING, Ill. (March 31, 2024) – April in Lansing begins with off-and-on rain and a high of 53 degrees. Rain is in the forecast through Friday of this week.

Current conditions, the four-hour forecast, and the five-day forecast are presented below. (On mobile, only three hours and three days are shown.) Details are continuously updated throughout the day:

Lansing, IL
6:12 am7:28 pm CDT
Feels like: 41°F
Wind: 3mph W
Humidity: 88%
Pressure: 30.03"Hg
UV index: 0
3 am4 am5 am6 am
79°F / 45°F
72°F / 55°F
75°F / 63°F
68°F / 46°F
55°F / 39°F

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Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma grew up in Lansing, Illinois, and believes The Lansing Journal has an important role to play in building community through trustworthy information.


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