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District 171 leaders report on upcoming documentary, ‘Mad Science Day,’ and more

LANSING, Ill. (March 23, 2024) – Sunnybrook School District 171 held its March board meeting on Monday, March 18. District administrators gave updated reports, and the board approved several motions as the district prepared for spring break.

District 171’s Spring Break will last from March 29 through April 5.

The evening began with the board’s approval of the minutes from the district’s February board meeting including the minutes from the closed session, March expenses, and February payroll.

Reading documentary, spelling bee, “Mad Science Day”

David Schrader, Chief School Business Official at District 171, presented the board with an annual investment report from the Thornton Township treasurer’s office. He explained that the report details where the district’s funds are being invested.

The principals of the schools in the district gave an update on the school’s recent events and achievements.

A group of students in Heritage’s Reading Club were chosen to be in a reading documentary about children’s literacy by Sinclair Broadcasting. Chantelle Cambric, Principal at Heritage Middle School, says she will update district officials on the date the documentary will air.

She also congratulated the Heritage student who placed in this year’s Lansing Area Spelling Bee. Gia DiSilvestro won second place in the fifth grade class level.

“I’m looking forward to making it a bigger thing next year and to include more Sunnybrook participation,” Cambric said.

Joseph Kent, Principal at Nathan Hale Elementary School, presented two packets with pictures from the school’s “First Annual Mad Science Day” on February 27, 2024, and the “Black History Program” on February 29, 2024.

“It was an all-day event, full of science, kids immersed in science all throughout the day, from kindergarten all the way to fourth grade,” Kent said. “You can see it on their face that they absolutely loved it.”

“This is just evidence to go along with how great things have been as far as our events are concerned,” he said.

Kent thanked all individuals in the district who were involved in organizing these events.

Approved motions

The board approved all the recommended motions in the March agenda including the ISBE calendar for the 2024-2025 school year.

A full list of the approved motions can be found on the district’s March agenda.

Other agenda items:

  • The Retired Teachers Association requested the names and email addresses of the retirees for the school year 2024.
  • Genesis One requested the current copier contract(s) for Sunnybrook School District 171.
  • Nathan Hale Elementary is in the process of organizing several new clubs at the school.

More information about Sunnybrook School District 171 is available at www.sd171.org. Meetings are typically held on the fourth Monday of the month.


Kinise Jordan
Kinise Jordan
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