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Four weather photos purchased at opening night of exhibition

Journal developing system to organize reservation requests

LANSING, Ill. (March 11, 2024) – The first exhibit purchased at the Open House for the Lansing through the Seasons exhibition was Daniel Cuthbert’s August 2023 photo that he titled “Suburban Nature.” The photo was reproduced with the caption and publication date on a 20×16″ canvas. Though purchased, it will remain on the Lansing Public Library’s gallery wall until the exhibition comes to an end May 31.

Daniel Cuthbert’s August photo was the first exhibit sold at the gallery Open House.

The library does not allow sales transaction events on their property, so the buyer of the Cuthbert photo verbally reserved it and then wrote a check later.

Reservations were also made for Dan Centracchio’s May 2022 photo of a robin, Esmeralda Spencer’s September 2023 close-up of a bee on a flower, and Heather Grant’s February 2022 photo of her daughter building a snowman in their yard. All three are 12×12″ reproductions.

The $100 price of each photo helps cover the production costs involved in transforming a digital photo to an enlarged canvas, metal, or framed print, most of which were produced locally. The 24-item exhibition was a significant undertaking for The Lansing Journal.

In order to track purchase reservations of the items, The Lansing Journal requests that interested buyers email [email protected]. In cases of multiple bids on a single photo, the date stamp on the emails will allow us to award the purchase to the first email received.

Subtle stickers will also be placed on the gallery items as they are paid for, to indicate they are no longer available for purchase.

Remaining photos include items by:

  1. Carl Dorris, published 1/24/2024, Canvas, 16×20”
  2. Connie Simon, published 1/29/2023, Acrylic Panel, 14×11”
  3. Steven Carr, published 2/1/2024, Canvas, 16×20”
  4. Clem Lessner, published 3/14/2022, Canvas, 20×16”
  5. Diane Lund, published 3/21/2023, Canvas, 16×20”
  6. Wilma Straatman, published 4/11/2023, Photo print, 12×12”
  7. Melissa Vander Woude, published 4/17/2023, Canvas, 20×16”
  8. Jennifer Polley, published 5/12/2022, Canvas, 20×16”
  9. Betty Burley, published 6/7/2023, Metal Panel, 11×14” (also available as a 16×20″ canvas)
  10. Josh Bootsma, published 6/27/2023, Photo print, 12×12”
  11. Sharon Gonzalez, published 7/12/2023, Canvas, 20×16”
  12. Chuck Roseen, published 7/5/2023, Canvas, 12×12”
  13. Luci Lugowski, published 8/31/2023, Metal Panel, 14×11”
  14. Janice Schurman, published 9/5/2023, Canvas, 20×16”
  15. Brian Hardy, published 10/11/2023, Canvas, 12×12”
  16. Mary Paulton, published 10/31/2023, Metal Panel, 14×11”
  17. David Franklin, published 11/1/2022, Photo print, 12×12”
  18. Gregory Ott, published 11/9/2023, Canvas, 16×20”
  19. Rebecca Furlong, published 12/6/2023, Canvas, 20×16”
  20. Amy Todd, published 12/28/2023, Canvas, 16×20”

The Lansing Journal will send occasional updates to this list as items are purchased.

The weather photo exhibition, titled “Lansing through the Seasons,” is on display at the Lansing Public Library through March, April, and May.

“The photos are beautiful, yes, but I think the real beauty is the little bit of joy and pride that is behind the very act of taking a photo and submitting it. What I mean is, each photo submission is like a little vote for Lansing. It’s someone saying, “I live here, and it’s beautiful or interesting or unique, and I want to share that with you.”
–Melanie Jongsma, Exhibition Open House, March 11, 2024

The library is located at 2750 Indiana Avenue in Lansing.


Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma grew up in Lansing, Illinois, and believes The Lansing Journal has an important role to play in building community through trustworthy information.