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District 158 collaborates with Lansing Fire Department to better handle health crisis situations

LANSING, Ill. (August 16, 2023) — In late July, staff members at District 158 completed CPR training and are now better equipped able to respond to crisis situations.

From July 17-20, District 158 partnered with the Lansing Fire Department to train staff and administration to handle crisis situations and conduct CPR. The training was directed by Deputy Chief Bill Stubitsch with groups of five or six each day. The training sessions were all located at the Fire Department headquarters on Chicago Avenue.

The training itself was designed to simulate real-life crises, with the same equipment being used to help train Village firefighters and paramedics. Using advanced mannequin and AED technology, staff members were able to practice various critical cardiac care protocols including chest compressions. High-tech mannequins helped direct the trainees until the speed and pressure of the compressions were appropriate.

Many District 158 staff and school leaders now have official certification in Heartsaver CPR & AEP from the American Heart Association. They are qualified to conduct CPR, chest compressions, and use AED machines (automated external defibrillators) for infants, children, and adults.

According to Dr. Nathan Schilling, District 158 Superintendent, staff can now use these tools for an integral layer of school safety — responding to health crisis situations in the most appropriate way possible.

Historically, staff has been sent to CPR training — particular physical education teachers. However, the idea behind a large-scale movement came about during a full Administrative Team Meeting; to truly foster school safety, meeting with the Lansing Fire Department was the most effective method to getting many district and school staff members certified.

Reena Alsakaji
Reena Alsakaji
Reena Alsakaji is a freelance writer and a senior at Munster High School. She is the Editor-in-Chief of her school’s student-run newspaper, Crier. She is also involved in Munster Speech & Debate, Student Government, HOSA, Philosophy Club, and Poetry Club. Over the past two years, Reena has fallen in love with the Lansing community as she watched her mother go through the process of opening up a home decor business on Ridge Road (Cadou Decor). Reena hopes to broaden her coverage all over Lansing. Her favorite story so far is, “South Holland neighborhood group hosts Juneteenth event for hundreds.”