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Delta Freight Systems to bring truck dealership to Lansing

Delta Freight development would utilize acres of currently-unused space

LANSING, Ill. (August 15, 2023) – Now-vacant land is expected to become home to a large trucking operation that has the potential to bring significant sales tax revenue to the Village of Lansing.

Delta Freight Systems plans to develop a truck dealership and truck repair facility along with truck and trailer parking on 32 acres of land it owns at 2600 W. 176th Street, east of Walmart and Tri-State Nursing Home.

The company intends to sell new and used trucks and trailers to be acquired through Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Volvo.

“We’ve been around since 2010,” co-owner Goran Mamic said. “We started with like one truck and then we’re up to maybe 200 now.”

Delta Freight
A rendering of the Delta Freight truck dealership and maintenance facility planned for 2600 W. 176th Street. (Photo: Josh Bootsma)

Delta Freight plans to grow into the space

Mamic said the Delta Freight’s main location is currently in Des Plaines but that for years it has sought a location to serve as a terminal for its drivers, for a shop, and for the dealership.

“We’re going to use about 7 to 10 acres, I believe, just for the terminal and then we’re going to hopefully, as the business grows, we’re going to fill in the rest,” Mamic said.

Delta Freight
Delta Freight Systems co-owner Goran Mamic appeared before the Lansing Village Board in May to request a Class 8 Tax Incentive. (Photo: Josh Bootsma)

He said the company delivers freight in 48 states and the proximity to the highway makes the Lansing land a good fit.

“There’s so many trucks that go by there,” Mamic said. “It’s great exposure for us.”

He said a 30,000 square foot building will be constructed, with a third of that space dedicated to offices and the rest to the repair shop.

“Our plan is to actually have around the clock service because trucks break down 24/7,” Mamic said.

More jobs and tax dollars for Lansing

It is anticipated the Delta Freight project will create 50-100 construction jobs and that 22-25 new employees will be hired within a year.

Mamic said mechanics and sales people would be among the positions to be filled, and possibly safety compliance officers since driver training would also be done at the site.

Village Administrator Dan Podgorski said Lansing “is hopeful and excited about the potential for sales of new trucks and new trailers at their site” and spoke of the amount of sales tax that would be gained from such high-ticket items.

“They have anticipated sales of a hundred units a year of new trucks and those are priced on the low end at almost $150,000,” Podgorski said. “So you have annual revenue of in excess of $15 million dollars a year in new truck sales.”

Podgorski said trailers would also bring in much revenue.

“They’re anticipating a hundred units a year at a low end $35,000 a unit,” Podgorski said. “So another $3.5 million dollars on the low end in sales there.”

Mamic said the village has already approved a tax incentive but Delta Freight must renew approval from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago and obtain a building permit, and then will be ready to build.

He is hopeful the terminal will open in 2024.

“I’ve been dreaming about this for awhile,” Mamic said.

Paul Czapkowicz
Paul Czapkowicz
Paul Czapkowicz has served as a correspondent for the Northwest Indiana Times, so he is familiar with local politics, local business, and local goings-on in general. His training as a teacher gives him an innate sense of how to present facts in an organized and meaningful way, so readers gain understanding of complex subjects.