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Hammond NAACP announces Annual Freedom Fund Luncheon to take place September 9

Information provided by NAACP Hammond Branch

HAMMOND, Ind. (August 9, 2023) – The NAACP Hammond Chapter has announced that its Annual Freedom Fund Luncheon, an event to foster unity and support within the local community, will take place on September 9, 2023.

Reverend Homer Cobb, the president of the NAACP Hammond Chapter, has invited community members to attend the event, which runs from noon to 3 p.m. on September 9.

The Annual Freedom Fund Luncheon will be held at Dynasty Banquet Hall, at 4125 Calumet Avenue, Hammond, Indiana.

The NAACP Hammond Chapter is a catalyst in promoting improvements to increase opportunity for all people. The Hammond Chapter continues to work with every segment of the community to remove barriers for a better quality of life.

A goal of the event is to support the NAACP and its Scholarship Program, which promotes promoting education and empowerment in the community. This year’s theme, “Thriving Together,” emphasizes equality, justice, education, and empowerment, reflecting the NAACP’s dedication to a just and inclusive society.

The luncheon will feature a keynote address by Ms. Eunice Trotter, director of the Indiana Black Heritage Preservation Program and an accomplished author. Additionally, The Lauren Dukes Band will provide live entertainment.

Sponsorship levels and individual tickets for the Annual Freedom Fund Luncheon are available at $50. The event also welcomes sponsorships from individuals and businesses eager to contribute to the NAACP’s initiatives.

“We are excited to welcome everyone to this year’s Annual Freedom Fund Luncheon,” Reverend Homer Cobb said. “It is an occasion to celebrate our progress, honor those who have contributed to our cause, and strengthen our commitment to building a more just and inclusive society together.”

For more information about the luncheon, contact Reverend Homer Cobb at 219-670-0883 or [email protected].

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