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British Re-Invasion rocks Lansing Library on a stormy Friday

LANSING, Ill. (April 3, 2023) – On Friday, March 31, British Re-Invasion came to the Lansing Public Library, and singer and guitarist David Rudolf, along with his three other bandmates, played a variety of music from the 60s era.

The band’s set list ranged from The Beatles, to The Who, to the Rolling Stones, which captured the essence of that era in rock-and-roll history. The set list was full of classic songs that would be familiar to both fans of the genre as well as casual music listeners.

The event was geared towards all ages, with mostly older people showing up at the Library for the 6:30 p.m. event. Attendance was lighter than usual for the Library @ Nite series, perhaps due to the stormy weather Lansing experience on Friday.

In between songs, the bandmates bantered and joked with each other and extended this banter to the audience, playfully teasing certain members of the audience when they called out requests or comments about the performance. This made the show feel personal and gave the band its own unique flavor and personality.

Some at the event were regulars of the Library’s programming, while others had only participated in a few events. One woman said she has attended crafts events in the past, as well as book sales at the Library. Another man said he enjoyed the Angel Tree program that the library hosted last holiday season.

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Richard Scanland
Richard Scanland
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