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Local Sierra Club to host ‘Sustainability: Beyond Green at JJC’

Monday, March 13, 7:15 p.m. via Zoom

Information provided by the Sauk-Calumet Group of the Sierra Club

CHICAGO, Ill. (January 8, 2022) – The Sauk-Calumet Sierra Club Group will be having its next meeting on Monday, March 13, 7:15 p.m. on the Zoom online platform. The program will be given by Maria Anna Rafac, Sustainability Coordinator at Joliet Junior College (JJC). JJC has several LEED-certified buildings that have garnered some attention. They also offer courses and host trainings for “green” professions. In addition, the college has a rare fen wetland and other natural areas they are managing. JJC also owns an array of 3,542 solar panels that offset about 22.5% of the College’s energy needs.

Maria Anna Rafac is an architect, educator, and activist. She is currently a professor and program advisor for the Architecture, Construction Management, and Sustainability course offerings at Joliet Junior College. Maria attended the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, receiving both a Bachelor’s of Science in Architectural Studies and a Master’s of Architecture. Maria is a registered architect in the State of Illinois and has worked for several architectural firms and in private practice over the past 30 years.

In 2008, Maria became Joliet Junior College’s first Sustainability Coordinator working with students, faculty, staff, and the community on sustainability related issues. She has won various awards.

To join the program please RSVP to Lois Lauer at 708-923-1550, or [email protected], or Ann Baskerville at [email protected].

Please RSVP by Friday, 3/10/23. Lois or Ann will send you a link to join the Zoom meeting.

All meetings are free and open both to Sierra Club members and the general public.

About Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is the nation’s largest grass-roots, conservation and political activism group, advocating for nature, natural landscapes, and a healthy environment since 1892. The Sierra Club Illinois Chapter
 is headquartered at 70 E Lake St, Suite 1500, Chicago, IL 60601.

All meetings are free and open both to Sierra Club members and to the general public.

Melanie Jongsma
Melanie Jongsma
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