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Lansing’s Universal Martial Arts Ministry hosts national taekwondo competition

By Karen Abbott-Trimuel

LANSING, Ill. (August 2, 2022) – This past weekend, Master El of Universal Martial Arts Ministry (UMAM) hosted his first annual national taekwondo tournament in Lansing along with Grand Master Bradley Shipp, President of World Chun Kuhn Do Federation in Wisconsin, Grand Master Daniel Gaul, Vice President of US Chun Kuhn Do Federation in Wisconsin, and Grand Master Raymond Saint, President of US Chun Kuhn Do Federation in New Jersey.

From left: Grand Master Gaul, Master El, and Grand Master Shipp. (Photo: Karen Abbott-Trimuel)

National competition

The national competition was an opportunity for UMAM students, along with several students from other taekwondo schools in different cities the opportunity to display their skills and compete for chances to win medals and trophies in various categories.

Isaiah Beals from New Jersey performs a Black Belt Pattern on Saturday, July 30. (Photo: Karen Abbott-Trimuel)

The competition lasted for four hours, and the ages ranged from three to 65 years old. The competition showcased techniques in all belt rankings, from white to black. The room was filled with family and friends cheering on the students and praising them for their hard work and success during the competition.

Day two of the event featured a weapons and self-defense training class instructed by Grand Master Shipp and Grand Master Gaul.

Grand Master Shipp ( right) teaches a knife pattern to Instructor Hollis (left). (Photo: Karen Abbott-Trimuel)

“Huge success”

“This was our first annual National tournament. I was very pleased with the tournament’s outcome and the competitiveness of all participants. I am looking forward to more students from different schools next year. Overall, it was a huge success,” said Master El.

From left: Zoe Guevarra, Instructor Sydney Beaudette of Colorado, and Liz Morelos practice their forms. (Photo: Karen Abbott-Trimuel)

Master El is the founder and Master instructor of Universal Martial Arts Ministry, a not-for-profit, faith-based organization that teaches Taekwondo in Lansing. He has over 20 years of Taekwondo experience as an instructor and was once a student himself under the tutelage of Supreme Grand Master Bok Man Kim, one of Taekwondo’s technical founders.

Universal Martial Arts Ministry is located at 3517 Ridge Road in Lansing.


Karen Abbott-Trimuel
Karen Abbott-Trimuel
Karen Abbott-Trimuel is a playwright, author, motivational speaker, and freelance journalist who has lived in Lansing for 17 years. She has always been passionate about writing and storytelling and enjoys meeting and inspiring people. She has established a reputation for writing quality entertainment through her stage plays, authored two books, "Ladies Night Unmasked" and "Check Your Assets and Know Your Value – A Woman's Guide to Becoming Her Authentic Self," and written an article "Are You Happy?" for the online writer's platform Writer UnBoxed. Karen is excited by writing great stories that uplift, inspire, and strengthen the Lansing community.