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Kacey’s Banquet Hall seeks new chef/caterer


LANSING, Ill. (October 8, 2020) – Kacey’s Banquet Hall, Restaurant and Lounge is looking for an experienced partner—a catering company and/or chef—to do business with. The restaurant is located at 17800 Lorenz Avenue in Lansing.

“Are you passionate about food?” asks Matthew Martinez, who is heading the search. “Do you love working with people? Are you energized about creating a variety of foods that are both appealing to look at and tasteful to eat? Then working with Kacey’s is perfect for you.”

The current opportunity is for the new chef to be the in-house caterer cooking for Kacey’s contracted clients who wish to hold events at the Lorenz Avenue facility. “If you are running your own food company but need a kitchen,” says Martinez, “we are willing to work with you.”

Kacey’s has a full commercial kitchen that includes all of the appliances necessary for food preparation for the facility and for catering.

An added opportunity is running Kacey’s restaurant with new menu creations. Kacey’s serves the public daily, as they have since opening in 1956.

Interested parties who are willing to work with Kacey’s can visit to view the facility. Inquiries can be directed to:


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