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Student-led communication consulting firm searches for a client

information provided by Purdue University Northwest

HAMMOND, Ind. (September 14, 2019) – Cybernetic Communication Consulting (CCC), a nonprofit communication consulting firm, is currently seeking local businesses to perform an audit on its communication culture. The communication audit will include a detailed analysis of an organization’s internal and external communication, and suggested solutions if needed.

To perform the analysis, CCC will conduct benchmark reports, interviews, surveys, and focus groups to collect and analyze data to strengthen the communication processes within an organization.

Previous clients include Franciscan Health, BP, NIPSCO, and the Griffith (Indiana) Police Department.

Alisa Murchek, vice president of patient services and chief nursing officer at Franciscan Health, hired one of Purdue’s affiliated communication consulting firms last year. “Any hospital or entity who wishes to improve their customer experience or employee engagement would benefit with this consultation,” said Murchek. “They were professional, well-organized, and their research was amazing. In the end, our data resulted in a 695-page book which has been invaluable. The way they have the book set up allows you to find just what you need as you need it.”

For 29 years, Purdue University Northwest’s Problems in Public Relations class has been helping local businesses improve their communication culture. Currently, the Cybernetic Communication Consulting is searching for a client. For more information about the services provided by Cybernetic Communication Consulting, call 219-501-0632 or email [email protected].

Cybernetic Communication Consulting board members search for a client. (Photo provided)
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