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Photography: hundreds attend “Hanging at the Hangar” event

By Matthew J Splant

Lansing, Ill. (May 5, 2018) – Following the 2018 Good Neighbor Day parade on May 5th, the Village continued celebrating Lansing’s quasquicentennial, or 125th,  anniversary at the historic Ford Hangar at Lansing Municipal Airport. This was the first year for the “Hanging at the Hangar” event. It was free and open to all Lansing residents. For a reasonable price, Lynnie Que’s BBQ provided drinks and Rancho Grande Tacos and Burritos made sure residents were fed. There were plenty of games, ponies, food and drink, family, friends, neighbors, and fun!

According to Ken Reynolds, Lansing Communications Director, The Village paid for a gaming truck from Wherever Entertainment out of Forest Park, IL. The truck had four screens/systems on the inside and two screens/systems on the outside to view sporting events or play video games. He also provided an estimated crowd of 400 to 500 people. The DJ service was provided by Millenium Music. Fabian Newman, who is also the IT Director for Lansing, along with his two young sons Caleb, 13, and Corey, 11, were the DJs. Ponies were provided by Mini Mates Therapy Ponies owned and operated by former Village Trustee Julie Butler.

Two branches of youth officers were on site at the airport and in the hangar to assist in a smooth operation. The Lansing Police Cadets helped with traffic coordination and parking. The Civic Air Patrol Thunder Composite Squadron gave a hand to help with the attractions, shuttle bus routing and also some traffic direction assist. The shuttle bus was used to go back and forth between the airport and an alternate parking location at Bethel Christian Reform Church.


The Quasquicentennial (125th) banner hung from the rafters of the Ford Hangar in Lansing. (photo/Matthew J Splant)


Attendees of the event were able to sit down and spend time with fellow Lansing residents. (photo/Matthew J Splant)


Food was provided by Rancho Grande Tacos & Burritos. (photo/Matthew J Splant)


Lauren Roeda from Lynnie Que’s BBQ manned the sangria and margarita station. (photo/Matthew J Splant)


Mayor Patty Eidam (right) and Village Clerk Vivian Payne pass out cake to celebrate Lansing’s 125th anniversary. (photo/Matthew J Splant)


The Civic Air Patrol Thunder Composite Squadron had some fun manning a life-sized game of tic-tac-toe. (photo/Matthew J Splant)


Kids enjoying a nice game of miniature golf. (photo/Matthew J Splant)


The front of the hangar was opened up during the festivities so attendees could enjoy fresh air and the games outside (photo/Matthew J Splant)


Wherever Entertainment’s video gaming and TV viewing truck (photo/Matthew J Splant)


Residents watch the game on the two outside screens off the game truck. (photo/Matthew J Splant)


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