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Fishing for smiles

Frank Martin of Calumet Marine knows how to create memories

From left: Arlo Kallemeyn, Frank Martin, and Nick Bonnema, creating a memory. (Photo: Mike Zralka)
by Arlo Kallemeyn

CALUMET CITY, Ill. (April 2018) – Did you ever check out someone’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page and think, “How great would it be to fish with those guys?” When I saw Frank Martin’s post about his fishing trip with his son and friends, I thought “Hey, these guys seem cool—and they know how to catch fish!” When I learned that they venture out on the big waters of Lake Michigan, I needed to find out more about this style of fishing.

On “Small Craft Warning,” his latest fishing boat, Frank takes pleasure in making great memories for family and friends. The sheer joy of hooking up with a world class salmon or steelhead trout keeps sportsmen chasing these elusive fish and making unforgettable memories along the way.

Creating memories

If you think back to your fondest memories, what are they? I’m sure it’s not all about what you bought, or the big screen TV hanging on the wall, but rather the memory of being surrounded by people who cared enough to spend their time with you. When the day is done, it’s the experience that counts.

“If Money Doesn’t Make You Happy Then You Probably Aren’t Spending It Right” is the name of a study being published in The Journal of Consumer Psychology. According to a recent New York Times, this article talks about how spending money on experiences can give you more lasting happiness than spending it on stuff.

On my latest trip out with these guys, Frank commented, “The state of the world today might be screwed up, but today we’re gonna create some memories to crowd out that mess. Let’s freeze-frame it on Small Craft Warning!”

While you can

I’ll add my encouragement to Frank’s. Life really is short, so get off the couch and switch off the electronic gadgets. Get out there and pursue your own Declaration of Independence—Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Create some experience and make some memories. Your friends and family will thank you—and smile for a long, long while.

About Calumet Marine

Calumet Marine is located at 426 Burnham Avenue in Calumet City. They have everything you need to catch bigger fish more often. Stop in and see Frank and Denise Martin to take your fishing game to the next level. They can also be found on the web at


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