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The Lansing Journal is all about our local community. We cover stories that are important to our community but overlooked by other media.

Lester CrawlWe let you know about the new Primary Center at Lester Crawl School, which will be one of the largest in the state.

We let you know when South Suburban College began offering COVID vaccinations.

We covered TF South’s football victory over TF North during 2021’s shortened sports season.

We post local obituaries, local COVID numbers, Local Voices, local information about our schools and alums, and more.

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Support local newsWhen Marlene Cook wrote a book about the First Church PCA graveyard, when Ballet Folklórico performed at TF South, when local residents started a Food Swap, and when Lansing veterans participated in Honor Flight Chicago—you read about it in The Lansing Journal.

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“I quit my subscription to The Times a few months ago,” one Lansing resident told us. “The only reason we subscribed was to not miss death notices, but now we can get this on the internet very easily. The Lansing Journal is doing a great service to the Lansing community!”

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