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Now more than ever it’s important for communities like ours to have a source of news that is relevant and local. Stories reported by local journalists who attend local Board meetings and shop in local businesses. Stories about all those “small,” everyday, local events that larger media aren’t interested in covering.

Just like local restaurants, local hardware stores, and local flower shops, this local newspaper needs local patronage. Investment from readers enables us to report, publish, and deliver local news that keeps our community informed and connected.


When you give to The Lansing Journal, every dollar supports the journalism. Your contributions cover the costs of reporting, publishing, and delivering local news every single day — award-winning local news!

Examples of the kind of news your support makes possible

  • When Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard was appointed as Thornton Township Supervisor minutes before midnight, The Lansing Journal was there:
    Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard becomes Thornton Township Supervisor. (Photo: Josh Bootsma) CLICK PHOTO FOR FULL STORY

  • When Besse Shirt Lettering announced they were moving to Indiana, The Lansing Journal informed our community:
    Besse Shirt Lettering
    Besse Shirt Lettering will be moving from Torrence Avenue in Lansing to Schererville, Indiana this spring. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma, 2019) CLICK PHOTO TO VIEW THE STORY

  • When neighbors protested Paragon Trucking’s zoning violations, The Lansing Journal asked questions, got answers, and provided information:
    Paragon Freight
    Paragon Freight hopes to continue its operation at 3125 Glenwood Lansing Road. (Photo: Josh Bootsma) CLICK PHOTO TO READ THE OUTCOME

  • When Unity Christian Academy took first place in an Esports tournament, The Lansing Journal documented the win:
    Unity Christian Academy
    Unity Christian Academy freshman Cory Newman (NBA 2K champion), UCA Esports coach John Purnell, and UCA senior Caleb Purnell (Super Smash Bros. champion) display their first-place plaques. (Photo provided) CLICk PHOTO TO READ THE STORY

We post local obituaries, local COVID numbers, Local Voices, Local History, local information about our schools and alums, and more.

How much is that kind of news worth to you?

Wherever you are in your journey with The Lansing Journal, would you be willing to take a next step so that we do not become a town without a newspaper?