Local business directory

Local business directory

Shop local. Dine local. Support local.

This Local Business Directory is intended to encourage community members to look local first. By shopping local, we can support our local business owners and their employees — plus, the sales tax we pay helps pave our roads, support our schools, and enhance our parks.

Local businesses strengthen our local economy. And local business owners are more likely to give back to our community. (See SpotOn’s infographic for more detail.)

Advertise local.

The Lansing Journal is a free newspaper, but that is possible only because of support we receive from our community. Advertising revenue is one of our main sources of support, and in our Local Business Directory we have highlighted our advertisers by creating a special category. Businesses in the “Advertiser” category have all advertised in The Lansing Journal at one time or another. We hope you’ll give them special consideration when you are shopping local.

Use any of the categories below to find a specific type of organization, or click on the alphabet to view listings by name. If you already know a business or organization by name, type that into the search field to retrieve that specific listing.

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