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Why The Lansing Journal?

We believe news can bring people together

In fact, that’s our mission: The Lansing Journal provides balanced, trustworthy, local news in a way that builds community in Lansing, Illinois, and the surrounding region.

We love serving our readers

“Thank you for doing the work you and everyone at Lansing Journal do. You provide a very valuable service for the community. The daily Journal report is the first thing I check every morning.”

“Thank you for highlighting some of the wonderful things District 215 is doing. My phone and email is blowing up this morning from friends and family after seeing the video. Kudos to The Lansing Journal!”

“One of the many things I love about Lansing is the fact that you actually, personally reached out to me in response to my comments. That doesn’t happen too often anymore anywhere else. Thank you again for all that you do to keep our town so connected.”

“I quit my subscription to The Times a few months ago,” one Lansing resident told us. “The only reason we subscribed was to not miss death notices, but now we can get this on the internet very easily. The Lansing Journal is doing a great service to the Lansing community!”

“I’m as glad today as I was when I first started that I am helping fund The Lansing Journal print stories and help hold the community together.”

“I was convicted at the importance of your work and commitment to The Lansing Journal. Thanks for all you do for your community.”

“I have really appreciated the Lansing Journal’s recent coverage of Thornton Township. Thank you so much for covering the transition.”

“I wanted to complement Josh on his wonderful story about the young woman wrestler who came in second in the state competition. It was such a good story. It made me cry (in a good way). I’m so proud of her and I don’t even know her. It was very inspiring.”

“I very much enjoy and appreciate the local news, especially T. F. South sports reporting. Keep up the good work.”

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