Digital ad samples

Within the $300–400/month price range

Leaderboard – $400/month

One of our most prominent positions—your ad appears just below The Lansing Journal’s logo on every page.

  • Positions available: only 3 (ads rotate on each page load)
  • Ad size: 728 x 90px or 970 x 250px
  • Sample shown below at reduced size

Amazing Cube specialty ad – $300/month

If you’d like a more interactive online ad, and you have some strong visuals (paint colors, before-and-after photos, etc.) the Amazing Cube is very effective. You would need to send me up to six photos, and I would arrange them in the cube.

  • Positions available: 4 (ads rotate on each page load)
  • Ad size: 300×250 (we can go larger at a higher price point)
  • Position: Bottom of sidebar
  • Sample shown below

In-Story Ad – $300/month

If you want to be seen while visitors are reading a story, we can place your ad banner between paragraphs. These ads get a lot of views without being intrusive.

  • Positions available: Unlimited
  • Ad size: 1060×400
  • Position: After fourth paragraph within a story
  • Sample shown below at reduced size

Let me know if you are interested in any of these options!