Digital ad samples: Real Estate

For Heather Bult and Caleb Lyzenga, Rossi & Taylor Realty Group

December 3, 2020

Thanks for Zooming with me this morning, Heather, and helping me learn more about your business and your plans for the coming year. You asked some good questions about our digital ad options, and that indicates to me that you will be able to make the most of the advantages that digital advertising offers.

The pricing, sizes, and positions of our basic ads are on this page, which we viewed together on our call:

I’m also including some live samples of some of the specialty ads we looked at. These would start at $300/month but could be more if you choose one of the more expensive zones.

Instant Facebook portal

This ad works well for businesses who are active on Facebook, because it creates a window to your actual Facebook page. If you are posting photos of new listings, or congratulations messages to new buyers, or videos of virtual tours, those will all show in your ad on our website. The portal updates hourly, showing whatever has been recently posted. Clicking the ad brings people to your Facebook page.

Real Estate Unlimited Slideshow

This is a nice way to show a sampling of the properties you offer, and the call to action can simply encourage people to visit your web page “for the most current listings.” The slideshow is available in a variety of sizes, and some of the layouts include space under or next to the slideshow for your logo and contact info.

Real Estate Gallery

The Gallery is the same concept as the Slideshow above, but there are fewer options. It’s a 300x600px ad, so it would fit in any of our sidebar zones. You can place up to five images in the gallery.

Banner ads in our Daily News email
I’m including this sample of what an ad in our daily email looks like. There are three zones, and this sample shows an ad in the top zone, above the daily headlines. Our emails are delivered directly to more than 3,000 subscribers, so you would be in their inbox whether or not they decide to click on any of that day’s stories. At $25/day, these ads are nice for short-term campaigns, or for subjects that need quick action.

Measuring results

The goal of a digital ad is to get people to click. So you’ll want to think about where you want them to land when they click. The click shows interest, and then it’s up to the web page or Facebook page to nurture that interest. I’ll be able to send you results reports each week that tell you how many views, hovers, and clicks your ad is getting. Certain ad styles also include other information in their reports (such as which gallery images are being clicked).

Next steps

I know this is a lot of information! If any of it is confusing, or if you want to brainstorm some ideas, let me know. I’m here to help!

I’ll put a note in my calendar to follow up with you on December 29.

Thanks again for this opportunity to show how The Lansing Journal can partner with you to reach more prospects and customers,