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Bob Bong

Bob Bong

Lincoln-Lansing Drainage District in need of cash infusion

Above: The Lincoln-Lansing Drainage District maintains 27 miles of ditches on a budget that hasn't been raised 96 years. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)by Bob Bong CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. (September 29, 2022) - Illinois has more layers of government than most states. One that is so far down the totem pole most...

Nancy Ritchie’s family still seeks justice

45 years after her 1975 murder by Bob Bong LANSING, Ill. (April 25, 2020) - Relatives of Nancy Ritchie are still mourning her murder in Lansing in 1975 and are keeping hopes alive that they will finally find justice 45 years later.Nancy was 30 when she was found about 8:40 a.m....

Lincoln-Lansing Drainage District: Little known agency a big player in local flood control

by Bob Bong SAUK VILLAGE, Ill. (March 3, 2020) - In a few weeks, residents of Sauk Village, Lynwood, and parts of Lansing will receive a postcard in the mail asking for their annual assessment from the Lincoln-Lansing Drainage District.Many others, who have never heard of the Lincoln-Lansing Drainage District,...