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“I very much enjoy and appreciate the local news, especially T. F. South sports reporting.” (Email from read, February 2022)

“Thank you for doing the work you and everyone at Lansing Journal do. You provide a very valuable service for the community. The daily Journal report is the first thing I check every morning.” (Email from reader, January 2022)

“Thank you for highlighting some of the wonderful things District 215 is doing. My phone and email is blowing up this morning from friends and family after seeing the video. Kudos to The Lansing Journal! (Email from District 215 Superintendent Dr. Sophia Jones-Redmond, January 2022)

““Love what you are doing for our community! Your coverage of Lansing and the surrounding area is always outstanding! It’s obvious that all your reporters and all those who are committed to the Journal are passionate about what they’re doing. I hope everyone is able to continue to keep the Journal coming! Thank you for all you do!!” (Email from reader, January 2022)

“I have so much enjoyed checking out the online version of the Journal every morning. It keeps me connected to a place that will always have my heart. So thank you for all you do to keep this publication going. It means a lot to a lot of people, even those no longer living in Lansing.” (Donor comment, December 2021)

“I enjoy that you cover new businesses. My husband and I went to the Golden Bear Pancake & Crepery last Saturday, and it was wonderful! We never would have known about it if it wasn’t covered by The Lansing Journal. (Reader email, December 2021)

“What a superb article. Just what we wanted. The photos added to your reporting skill. Our members thank you for your coverage.” (November 2020 email from Lansing Veterans Memorial Ceremonial Honor Guard)

“I now believe The Lansing Journal is making a deference. News is now actually being reported again. (Donor email, August 2020)

“I always look forward to reading my new Lansing Journal, but also love reading the articles online!” (Reader, October 2019)

“The Lansing Journal is priceless to me!” (Facebook follower, July 2019)

“Lansing Journal, you are in the right place, at the right time, and in the right village to do what you do so well. And, please know that all that you do means so much to so many people.” (Email from reader, May 2019)

“Just a note to say ‘Thank you’ for all the information about the candidates printed in The Lansing Journal on March 6, 2019. Now we can have some knowledge of who we are voting for! Your efforts are much appreciated! Keep up the great work!” (Lansing resident, March 2019)

“We are so proud of The Lansing Journal newspaper. All of you are keeping us informed of the happenings in our community.” (Note from reader, March 2019)

“I enjoy the paper. It’s very informative.” (Voicemail from a reader, March 2018)

“Great job…and we love reading it!” (Facebook follower, May 2018)

“I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the quality of the content and of the writing in The Lansing Journal. I believe you are doing a great service for the Lansing community. Thank you!” (J.Y., email, 11/2/17)

“Great Lansing news articles. Looking forward to the next edition.” (M.P., Facebook, 10/30/17)

“Very glad to see Lansing have print coverage again. Thank you and all future success!” (E.G., Facebook, 10/30/17)

“I love love love this paper. I read it cover to cover every [time] it comes out. So proud of these hometown kids.” (D.C., Facebook, 10/19/17)

“You are so awesome to come up with The Lansing Journal. Thank you so much in sharing all the great articles of Lansing…. Please continue it.” (S. O., Facebook, 10/5/17)

“Enjoying The Lansing Journal. Thank you for all your work. Great job!” (J.P.W., letter, 9/17)

“Dear Lansing Journal Staff, Thanks for starting up a local paper. Great articles so far!” (B.R.D., card, 9/25/17)

“Please accept the enclosed gift to help cover some of your expenses. It’s a great idea to have a local Lansing paper.” (J.B., letter, 9/17)

“I was able to sit down last night and read your new paper. I am very impressed with its local flavor. Something we’ve needed for many years here in town. Kudos to you and all involved.” (M.G., Facebook, 9/15/17)

“Hi I’m calling from Calumet City. I just wanted tell you I picked up my first issue of The Lansing Journal yesterday, and it’s a great paper. Thank you so much for publishing this paper. It’s wonderful. I remember the old Journal that used to be, and then of course the Shopper, but I think it’s great that you merged the two, so now you’ve got area news, great stories, local finds–wonderful. Thank you so much. Thank you. Sure wish Calumet City would do something, but this time they’re ready to pull the plug on it. We’re thinking of moving to Lansing. Take care.” (Transcription of a voicemail message left 9/14/17)

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