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Freedom Trail Hike set for June 29 – learn about the Underground Railroad

Reservations open for Saturday, June 29 from 10 am to 12:30 pm.

Information provided by the Little Calumet River Underground Railroad Project

CHICAGO, Ill. (June 8, 2024) – Join the Little Calumet River Underground Railroad Project for a fascinating tale of the hundreds — perhaps thousands — of escaped slaves / “Freedom Seekers” that came through our region prior to the Civil War, who often found refuge and replenishment from local abolitionists, one being the Jan Ton family who owned a farm near Beaubien Woods Forest Preserve on the Little Calumet River.

We will tour and hear engrossing stories about the historic era before the Civil War. The focus of the hike is educating tour attendees about the Underground Railroad history in the Calumet region.

Professor Larry McClellan, foremost authority on the Underground Railroad in Northern Illinois, and Tom Shepherd of the Little Calumet River Underground Railroad Project will be narrators for this hike.

The narrated tour will depart from the Beaubien Woods boat launch and will last approximately 2 hours.

View the map below for precise location info:

There will be moderate walking, and some of the tour will be by bus. Attendees are asked to dress appropriately for the weather.

This free event is sponsored by the Forest Preserves of Cook County

Registration is required, and can be done by clicking here.

Questions can be directed to Tom Shepherd at 773-370-3305.


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