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Local Voices: Thornton Township budget proposes scary increases in salaries


Submitted by Paul Robertz

I don’t want to dominate the Local Voices, since there are so many others in Thornton Township who can give their perspective. However, I just want to mention some even scarier numbers in the proposed Thornton Township budget, which I found more recently. This is a follow-up to yesterday’s piece (Local Voices: Thornton Township’s proposed budget could be Tiffany Henyard’s biggest crime yet).

Salaries for the Road and Bridge Department increase from $5,040 to $150,000 (2,976%), perhaps so Supervisor Henyard can say she’s not getting the biggest pay raise.

Salaries for those working in the General Assistance Department increase from $1.49 million to $2.55 million (71.1%).

Expenses for the Harvey Food Pantry increase from $3.88 million to $8.59 million, not including the cost of food, clothing, or household items.

Total expenditures for all three funds almost double, from $19.88 million to $39.25 million.

They think that grants will materialize for $1 million to the Road and Bridge Fund and $5 million to the General Fund.

Again, the time and location of the only opportunity the public will have to discuss the proposed 2025 township budget, according to Finance Director Robert Hunt, is at the regularly scheduled board meeting on May 28, 6 p.m. at Thornton Township headquarters, 333 E 162nd Street, South Holland, Illinois.

Paul Robertz

The proposed 2025 budget is a 62-page PDF, available for viewing or download by clicking on the link below:

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