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TF South alum releases a paranormal thriller based on real life events

Author Norman Basile grew up in Lansing and graduated from TF South. (Photo provided)

LANSING, Ill. (April 15, 2024) – Norman Basile has spent most of his life feeling a dark and ominous aura following him around, ultimately leading to his career in paranormal investigation. His newest book, The Devil’s Knocking, is inspired by his experiences with the paranormal world from childhood to adulthood.

Basile says the book includes several chapters about his days growing up in Lansing.

About the author

Norman Basile is a native of Lansing and graduated from TF South High School. He has spent over 30 years conducting paranormal investigations at haunted houses, poltergeist cases, and cemeteries throughout Illinois, Indiana, North and South Carolina, Virginia, and New York.

Basile’s experiences with spirit photography and ghostly phenomena have led to his celebrity status as a guest lecturer for community organizations, schools, and psychic fairs. He has been featured in over 250 print, radio, and television appearances including the Oprah Winfrey Show, The Chicago Sun-Times, and the WGN network.

Basile currently resides in Illinois with his wife. The retired couple spends most of their days attending Renaissance fairs and spending quality time with their dogs.

Exploring the seen and unseen

The Devil’s Knocking by Norman Basile is now available for sale. (Graphic provided)

The Devil’s Knocking is a paranormal thriller based on true events in Basile’s life.

Basile’s awareness of the paranormal world has often plagued his life with “a shadowy dark aura that is relentless in its efforts to place him and those he loves in harm’s way.” He says he has spent his life battling these dark forces that he considers a threat to him and his loved ones.

The book delves into the “intricate dance between the seen and the unseen.” He challenges readers to explore a deeper look into the paranormal realm and see the possibility of an existence beyond their everyday reality.

Basile allows readers to go on a journey with him to unmask supernatural mysteries while searching for the truth of his own identity.

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