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The average amount spent on household bills in Lansing — and how it compares nationally

Lansing’s bills are slightly below the national average, and in the middle of the pack in the state of Illinois

LANSING, Ill. (May 25, 2023) – The average household in Lansing pays $2,035 per month on household bills, slightly below the national average of $2,046 per month, according to doxo, a nationwide online bill payment service.

Doxo serves more than 8 million people across the country, and its Insights program collects payment data for 97% of U.S. zip codes, including Lansing. For each zip code, Doxo Insights determines the 10 most common household bills, and finds averages in each category.

According to Liz Powell, Senior Director of Insights at Doxo, the data doxo gathers is typically from a 6% sample of any given zip code, which she estimated for Lansing is about 1,600 people.

Bullets and charts – household bill data in Lansing

All of the data below is from doxo:

  • The average household in Lansing pays $2,035 per month on household bills, or $24,425 per year — 0.5% less than the national average.
  • On average, household bills account for 43% of annual household income of $57,143 in Lansing.
This chart shows the breakdown of an average Lansing household’s monthly bills. (Graphic by doxo)


  • 48% of Lansing residents are paying a mortgage as part of their monthly bills.
    • The average monthly mortgage payment in Lansing is $1,211, less than the national average of $1,321.


  • 29% of Lansing residents are paying monthly rent.
    • The average payment for rent in Lansing is $1,069, less than the national average of $1,191.


  • 61% of Lansing residents are paying off an auto loan.
Lansing’s average monthly auto loan payment is higher than the national average. (Graphic by doxo)


  • 78% of Lansing residents make utility payments.
    • Below the national average ($351), Lansing’s average monthly utility payment is $323.

Auto insurance

  • 80% of Lansing is making regular auto insurance payments.
    • Broken down month-by-month, Lansing residents pay $204 towards auto insurance, similar to the national average of $207.

Health insurance

  • 91% of Lansing residents pay for health insurance.
Lansing residents spend slightly less than the national average on health insurance. (Graphic by doxo)

Mobile phone bill

  • A near-complete 95% of Lansing residents have incorporated a monthly phone bill payment into their budgets.
    • Lansing’s average payment ($124) is near the national average of $119.


  • 82% of Lansing residents pay a monthly cable or satellite bill.
In all the categories listed, Lansing differs most from the national average percentage-wise in cable and satellite bills, paying 48% more. (Graphic by doxo)

Life Insurance

  • A third of Lansing pays for life insurance, at 33%.
    • Lansing’s average life insurance payment ($88) is a dollar less than the national average of $89.

Alarm and security

  • Only 20% of Lansing pays for alarm and security services.
    • The average payment for such services in Lansing is $97, higher than the national average of $84.
The vast majority of Lansing residents pay their monthly bills with a debit card, doxo data shows. (Graphic by doxo)

Lansing bills compared to other Illinois towns and cities

Doxo has collected data from 206 municipalities across Illinois. Lansing’s average monthly bill payment of $2,035 is near the middle of the pack, at 123rd highest. Lansing’s average is lower than than the averages of nearby South Holland ($2,340), Dolton ($2,079), and Blue Island ($2,220), and higher than Calumet City ($1,783), Chicago Heights ($1,744), Homewood ($2,026), and Harvey ($1,790).

The highest average monthly bill payments in Illinois, according to doxo, come out of the pockets of Hinsdale residents, at $3,563. The lowest average payments come from southern Illinois’ Centralia, at $1,262.

For more information about doxo, or doxo Insights data, visit or


Josh Bootsma
Josh Bootsma
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