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From the desk of Bob Malkas: Get out and vote on April 4


Submitted by Bob Malkas

In the last village-wide election 1,906 votes were cast: that is 8.5% of the registered voters.

Lansing can do better.

I attend all Village Board meetings and can verify there are differences of opinion from residents about what has been happening in Lansing since the last election. This is the opportunity for the people to express their right to be part of the process. There are four candidates running for three Village Trustee seats.

Voters can make their feels known to show those elected that they want to be part of the process of deciding how Lansing should be governed. The campaign is ending, and each party has indicated how they will stand on important issues that will influence the village until the next election.

A strong turn-out will indicate the voters care.

Lansing has always been innovative and has provided leadership to other local communities. Other villages could learn from Lansing’s increased turn-out that it is still possible for the people to direct their local governments by using their voting responsibility.

It is unfortunate we know so little about the candidates running for other offices — especially for local school boards, because they have the power to control what our children are being taught. There is a growing national movement to get parents involved in local school boards.

It is difficult to judge how Lansing candidates will represent the will of the parents. I would have preferred to hear more from them before I cast my vote, so I will have to decide if I want to vote for candidates who will represent me in a way I do not approve.

Bob Malkas

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