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Voter Guide: April 4, 2023 – Village Trustee elections

Background: The Lansing Journal made efforts to contact all candidates in the April 4 Municipal Election to gather information to share with Lansing voters. Using a “candidate info form,” we asked the same questions of each local office seeker. Answers were prepared and submitted by the candidates. We will be sharing the info race by race in a series of “Voter Guide” posts.

LANSING, Ill. (March 22, 2023) – Village Trustees represent residents’ interests as they sit on the Village Board and make decisions that affect businesses and individuals in Lansing. There are six Village Trustees that usually meet twice a month to discuss and decide on Lansing business. Trustees are paid $13,000 per year.

Trustees initiate, consider, and vote on topics that affect life in Lansing — economic development, public safety, roads and infrastructure, finances, property, Fox Pointe, the Lansing Municipal Airport, the Patti Leach Youth Center, and more. Trustees make their decisions by listening to resident concerns, asking for staff recommendations, and considering long-term impacts.

This year four candidates are running to fill three open positions.

Village Trustee elections – Three four-year terms

Saad Abbasy (Photo provided)

Saad Abbasy

Education: Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Occupation: Senior Financial compliance analyst at National Futures Association

Resumé highlights:

  • Current Village Trustee elected in 2019
  • Chair of Lansing planning and zoning board 2017-2019
  • President of Lansing Little League and executive board member of Lansing Old Timers

Goals and promises:

  1. I promise to be your voice and advocate in village government. Whether it be budget reviews, business approvals, or infrastructure projects, I will ensure those decisions I make are well researched and motivated by my ultimate duty to represent residents.
  2. My goal as a trustee would be to make decisions that promote continued economic growth in Lansing, work to see further infrastructure improvements such as our roads, and to continue advocating for fiscal responsibility in village finances.
Rob Collins (Photo provided)

Rob Collins

Education: BA Criminal/Social Justice

Occupation: Police Chief

Resumé highlights:

  • I’ve been in law enforcement for nearly 30 years. I’ve been a Chief for 12 of those years. I currently serve on the Lansing Board of Fire and Police Commissioners.
  • I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.
  • My wife Bettina and I own a business, Elegant Design Photography, a portrait studio situated in downtown Lansing, on Ridge Road.

Goals and promises: Public safety is a concern for all. I will work hard to ensure that Lansing remains a safe community. I will continue to endorse the policies that the Fire and Police Departments have already enacted. I will be involved in projects and activities that provide the community an actual blanket of safety and security instead of just a perception of safety. I also will work to ensure that we attract quality reputable business to Lansing, as well as keep the businesses that already serve Lansing.

Village Trustee Elections
Maureen Grady-Perovich (Photo provided)

Maureen Grady-Perovich

Education: Doctorate in Nursing Practice with emphasis on Certification in Emergency Nursing, Administration, and Nursing Education

Occupation: Retired nurse and Professor of Nursing

Resumé highlights:

  • Lansing Village Trustee (2017 to 2021)
  • Board Member of Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Board Member of Lansing Association for Community Events

Goals and promises:

  1. Serving Lansing First through fact-based decision making and a willingness to articulate the rationale behind my decision-making process.
  2. Serving Lansing First through a strong history of volunteerism.
  3. Serving Lansing First through active listening to all stakeholders and following up with their thought, idea, or concern to effect change.
Village Trustee Elections
Jerry Zeldenrust (Photo provided)

Jerry Zeldenrust

Education: Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice

Occupation: Police Commander, retired

Resumé highlights:

  • Lansing Police Officer for 29 years
  • Chief of Public Safety at the Moody Bible Institute for 5 years
  • Village Trustee for 6 years

Goals and promises: My goals as trustee are to continue the good work we in the Village Voice Party have accomplished in these past six years, expanding our street paving and sidewalk maintenance, equipping and staffing our police and fire departments, and enhancing our economic development. I am excited about helping Lansing evolve; keeping what makes it special while embracing changes that serve its needs and its people. Balanced budgets, fiscal responsibility and building for our future are all things that the Village Voice Party has set as priorities for our residents since the day it was established. I am proud to be a founding member of our group and promise to continue to operate on these principals. That proven track record of success is what voters can depend on.

Candidate Forum

The Lansing Journal hosted a Candidate Forum on February 28. (Photo: Quinton Arthur)

The Lansing Journal moderated a Candidate Forum on February 28 at the Lansing Public Library, and asked the four candidates above questions about their vision for Lansing. Click the links below to learn more about the four trustee candidates through The Lansing Journal’s forum:


The Lansing Journal will continue to cover local election news ahead of the April 4 elections. To view all election coverage so far, view our April 4 Election category. To make sure you don’t miss any future coverage, sign up for our free daily newsletter today:

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