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Voter Guide: April 4, 2023 – District 158 Board elections

Background: The Lansing Journal made efforts to contact all candidates in the April 4 Municipal Election to gather information to share with Lansing voters. Using a “candidate info form,” we asked the same questions of each local office seeker. Answers were prepared and submitted by the candidates. We will be sharing the info race by race in a series of “Voter Guide” posts.

LANSING, Ill. (March 15, 2023) – The Lansing Elementary School District 158 Board oversees five schools in Lansing: Memorial Junior High, Coolidge Elementary, Oak Glen Elementary, W.C. Reavis Elementary, and Lester Crawl Primary School. Lansing residents living north of 186th Street and east of Stony Island Avenue are served by District 158.

District 158 is governed by an elected seven-member board. The board is responsible for establishing a vision, adopting budgets, voting on tax levies, setting calendars, approving curriculum, establishing student behavior policies, communicating school activities to the community, and directing the Superintendent, who oversees the five schools in the District. Dr. Nathan Schilling is the superintendent of District 158.

District 158 Board – One two-year term (unexpired) – Uncontested

District 158 Board
Abimael Duran (Photo provided)

Abimael Duran

Residence: Lansing

Education: Masters in Accounting

Occupation: Accounting Manager

Resumé highlights:

  • Current School Board member for School District 158
  • Former soccer coach, Lansing Soccer Club
  • Dad of two children who attend/attended Lansing public schools
  • Volunteer in various capacities (church/community)

Goals and promises: Continue to serve our community by working as a member of
the local school board to improve student achievement in School District 158.

District 158 Board – three four-year terms – Uncontested

District 158 Board
Mary Kelly (Photo provided)

Mary Kelly

Residence: Lansing


Occupation: US government (42 years)

Resumé highlights:

  • Children number one priority
  • Continue to strengthen student performance and academic achievement
  • Donated 2,325 refurbished laptop computers to families
  • Continue to forge a strong relationship with the community
  • District secured Property Tax Relief Grant for five years totaling $8.5 million
  • Adopted new curriculum and textbooks in many core disciplines

Goals and promises: To create an environment where children want to come to learn. Challenge them academically, and more importantly create an environment where they can feel safe. Feeling safe makes learning possible. All of our stakeholders have to be engaged in this. I will continue to work on safety measures with the entire Board and District. This is an issue we all must work on together. I can promise you that I will always be transparent, respectful, and honest.

Monica Terry

No information provided.

Denise Jones Williams

No information provided.

More information about District 158 is available at


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