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Local Voices: Frustration with public transportation


Submitted by Evelyn Baldwin

I am a senior and am frustrated with public transportation. I live at 186th and Torrence Ave. There is a bus that goes on Torrence. If there was public transportation from Ridge and Torrence to the state line, I wouldn’t need a car. Several seniors do not drive anymore but are perfectly capable of getting around. In the past, I lived in Wilmington, Delaware and Denver, Colorado. They both had smaller shuttles to move people around the shopping areas during the day. (I’m not sure if they still do and learning why it may not have succeeded would be useful.) It lessened parking issues and congestion.

A shuttle idea could also be used to bring people to public events, parades, concerts, etc. from larger parking areas along Torrence or from the high school.

I am unsure where to begin looking for alternatives beyond adding a new Pace route, which they likely would not find profitable. But I would like our town to address downtown parking and access to businesses.

PS: If I could bring my pets to the vets via a shuttle — perfect!!

Evelyn Baldwin

Local Voices
Local Voices
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  1. That’s a very interesting proposition, Evelyn. I do still drive, but I can see the advantages of a shuttle system.

  2. Evelyn, have you tried the Pace paratransit system? Thornton township has a Pace bus for the seniors. Contact them to see if you qualify.

    • My understanding is that it is for the handicapped. I will check. My only handicap is income 🙂 If I could eliminate car expenses, it would help that bottom line. God bless grocery delivery — only good to come from covid!

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