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LANSING, Ill. (February 10, 2023) – The Lansing Journal announced last week that we are working on a print edition of the newspaper that will arrive in homes mid-March. With delivery date almost exactly a month away, a lot of details need to be sorted through. Friday morning’s print planning meeting was a good first step:

Are you one of the people who “get it”?

The Lansing Journal is grateful for people who “get it,” who understand why this March print issue is important. Some of those people have already given money to help cover the extra costs of ink, paper, and postage. They also understand that we are paying extra reporters who will be writing extra stories that will be included in this print issue. We are grateful for their support.

But we don’t want to leave anyone out! If you are excited about this printed newspaper that will reach everyone in our community, you can be part of its success. You can support The Lansing Journal.

We plan to list all our supporting partners in this issue — anyone who has given in January or February. We want readers to know the people who invested to make this newspaper possible.

Click the button below to choose an amount that works for you:

Looking forward to being in print

In spite of the extra hours and extra expenses, we are really excited to bring you a printed newspaper in March. We are excited to fill it with local news and deliver it directly to your home.

This March print issue:

  • Will be delivered to every home in Lansing.
  • Will also be mailed to supporters who live out of town.
  • Will arrive in Lansing homes during the week of March 13 and in out-of-town homes soon after.
  • Is 24 pages of news about local businesses, schools, churches, events, and local races and candidates.
  • Will contain no political ads, only unbiased reporting.

Use the form above to help support The Lansing Journal and make this print edition possible.

Being in print

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