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Local Voices: A Common Ground quarterly meeting recap


Submitted by Sharon Giles

The quarterly meeting of the Common Ground Project met Monday night, February 6, in the lower level of the Lansing Public Library. Approximately 50 members were in attendance in person and via Zoom. Members were eager to share how Common Ground continues to help them create positive relationships with people of different ethnic backgrounds.

Members discussed how the Common Ground Project can become more visible in our community by participating in, as well as hosting our own, events in 2023.

How to best say to new homeowners, “Welcome to the Community,” was also discussed.

Common Ground is designed to give people of different ethnic backgrounds opportunities to engage in thoughtful conversation with each other. The project was officially introduced in Lansing, Illinois, in August 2020.

We, the Common Ground Project members, acknowledged the careful and persistent work that is necessary to make a Common Ground culture the normal way of life in our community. Yes, we are Common Grounders for life!

The next Common Ground Project meeting is scheduled: Monday, May 8, 2023, Lansing Public Library, 2750 Indiana Avenue, Lansing, IL (Lower Level). Quarterly meetings are a time of open discussion, and interested members of the public are welcome to attend.

Enthusiastically submitted by
Sharon Giles, Lansing resident and Common Grounder

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  1. As the Chairperson for Lansing Human Relations Commission, the comments made by my Common Grounder colleague was well stated! I have been with Common Ground (CG) since August 2020. I remain friends with my partner. We welcome newcomers at anytime. You will be matched with people who are not of your race and/or ethnicity. You too will see that you have more in common than not!

    Sign By, a faithful believer of Common Ground’s mission.

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