Thank you, 2022 weather photo contributors

Blue skies and soft clouds set off the water tower near Heritage Middle School, 19250 Burnham Avenue in Lansing, Illinois. (Photo: Melanie Jongsma)

19 of you helped us report the weather last year

by Melanie Jongsma

LANSING, Ill. (January 1, 2023) – Weather was a new category for The Lansing Journal in 2022. We began posting daily weather in late January, and gradually the weather photo in each daily post became an opportunity to showcase the variety of beauty Lansing’s seasons offer. In February the Journal invited readers to submit weather photos, and we enjoyed a variety of contributors throughout the year.

We’d like to thank the following readers who shared their photos of Lansing weather. They are listed alphabetically, and though many people contributed more than once, we’ve included only one weather photo from each contributor below. The captions are the ones that originally appeared with the photos, and each weather photo links to its original weather post.

Jen Arnold

weather photo
“Snapped this picture because I loved the way the clouds looked,” wrote Jen Arnold. “Then I noticed I got the Village Hall in it too!” (Photo: Jen Arnold, following Friday evening’s rainstorms)

Josh Bootsma

weather photo
Headlights glow through overnight fog, shrouding the mailboxes along Wentworth Avenue. (Photo: Josh Bootsma)

Joseph Bugajski

weather photo
Lansing resident Joe Bugajski captured Monday evening’s dramatic northern sky while visiting Highland, Indiana. (Photo: Joseph Bugajski)

Carrie Caldwell

Four-month-old Delilah experiences her first snowfall in Grandma Carrie Caldwell’s yard on Ridgewood Ave., February 2, 2022. (Photo: Carrie Caldwell)

Dan Centracchio

A mother robin has decided the hose tray in Dan and Maryann Centracchio’s yard is the perfect place to raise a family. (Photo: Dan Centracchio)

Jacqueline Day

A Swallowtail (left) and a Monarch visit Jacqueline Day’s back yard on Oak Avenue. (Photos: Jacqueline Day)

Carl Dorris

weather photo
With spring just 28 days away, Carl Dorris captured an icy-fingered icicle stretching from a gutter on his home near Sherman Street and Illinois Street. (Photo: Carl Dorris)

David Franklin

“Every morning, I walk my dogs through our beautiful parks and observe the changes throughout the seasons,” subscriber David Franklin emailed us. “Luigi and Lilli, brother and sister, are enjoying a 10 a.m. frolic in the fallen leaves at Copper Mugger’s Park at 176th and William Street in Lansing.” (Photo: David Franklin)

Gina Franklin

weather photo
Gina Franklin has managed to grow three different color clematis blooms in her backyard — pink (bottom left), fuchsia, and lavender. (Photo: Gina Franklin)

Rebecca Furlong

“It’s great to have fresh basil, tarragon, parsley, and chives right outside my door!” wrote Rebecca Furlong when she emailed this photo. (Photo: Rebecca Furlong)

Heather Grant

weather photo
Claire Grant poses with “Mr. Snowmageddon” in her yard on Ridgewood Ave. on February 3, the day after a winter storm dumped 10 inches of snow on Lansing. (Photo: Heather Grant, Claire’s mom)

Keith Krucina

A spiny softshell turtle climbs the bank of a detention pond near Lansing Woods. (Photo: Keith Krucina)

Clem Lessner

Last week’s light dusting of snow created fascinatingly artistic effects, like this on a paved patio in Lansing, captured by Lansing photographer Clem Lessner. “The source of the rectangular pattern was revealed as the sun melted away the snow layer,” said Lessner. (Photo: Clem Lessner)

Diane Lund

weather photo
Tulips have begun blooming in Lansing, including this Fabio Tulip (Fringed Tulip) in Diane Lund’s yard. (Photo: Diane Lund)

Jenny Polley

April Fools! This Schultz Park photo was actually taken on February 2, when Lansing received approximately 5 inches of snow. (Photo: Jenny Polley)

Dave Schurman

“Always wanted to get this shot,” posted Dave Schurman. “Tonight was the night.” On November 7 the full moon hovered over the steeple at Bethel Church (3500 Glenwood-Lansing Road), and Dave was ready with his camera. (Photo: Dave Schurman)

Janice Schurman

weather photo
A beautiful hibiscus greets the day in Janice Schurman’s yard. “I always love their size,” she says. (Photo: Janice Schurman)

Connie Simon

The Promethea Moth is named for its fire-like orange-red coloring. Also known as the Spicebush Silk Moth, the caterpillar feeds on spicebush and other deciduous plants common in wooded areas throughout Illinois. Connie Simon lives near a wooded area and found this specimen on her garage. (Photo: Connie Simon)

Wilma Straatman

weather photo
“Morning visitor at my side door!” wrote Wilma Straatman on Monday. “Praying mantis, a bit on the small side. They are an interesting insect.” (Photo: Wilma Straatman)

Submit a weather photo in 2023

The invitation to submit a 2023 weather photo is open to all readers. Weather photos do not have to capture dramatic weather events or be taken with professional grade equipment. They do have to be in Lansing, and they do have to be somehow weather-related or at least taken outdoors. Share photos of your yard, your neighborhood, the park you take your kids to, your views along the bike path, the skies over Fox Pointe, the puddles on your sidewalk. We want our weather photos to showcase all of Lansing, and we can do that only with your help.

Submitted photos should be current. They may include people, pets, or other animals. Readers who submit weather photos should include the following information:

  • Description or location of the photo (For example, “Roses in my yard on Maple Street” or “Sunset at Potts Park” or “My Schnauzer, Mimi, in her boots, ready for a winter walk.”)
  • Names of any people or animals in the photo
  • Name of the person who took the photo

Email photos to [email protected].

Thank you for sharing your view of Lansing. We are looking forward to seeing new weather photos from our community in 2023.



  1. I really enjoyed the weather pictures. Such a nice variety and all of them capturing the uniqueness of our town! So glad you will continue this into 2023. Thanks!

    • Thank you, Margaret. It was fun for me to look back and see how our Weather category evolved over the past year. Originally we were just thinking of using more “generic” Lansing photos — clouds, sun, rain, snow, whatever we needed as an icon for the next day’s forecast. But then a reader noticed that one of our snow photos was near her house, and she loved recognizing that shot! She suggested that we always let people know where in Lansing the photo was taken, and that turned out to be such a great idea. It made me more aware of things as I was out walking around taking photos. It also made me aware that I couldn’t showcase all of Lansing myself! So we invited readers to help out, and 19 people came through this year. I’m looking forward to any new weather photographers who want to join the project in the coming year.

  2. Great pics “Lansing-ers,?” “Lansing-ites?” Keep up the great work. Knew you accepted photos Melanie but I don’t think I realized they were in the weather section. Oops. Lol. As the one reader pointed out, it’s always enjoyable to point out a location you know. Thanks.

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