Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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Local Voices: On behalf of Lansing dogs


Submitted by Lilli (with help from David Franklin)

Lilli, a 7-year-old Maltese, speaks on behalf of dogs throughout Lansing. (Photo provided)

I’m Lilli, and I’m concerned!

For many hours last night, I heard my neighbors’ dogs (I don’t know which ones) outside barking to come in from the cold! Please don’t treat us this way. If it’s too cold for you humans to stand barefoot on the frozen ground, it’s too cold for us.

We dogs get frostbite too. We can’t tell you in words when something is wrong — all we can do is bark.

We look to you to protect us and take care of us. Please don’t hurt us or put us in harm’s way. And by the way, don’t just open your door and let us run loose; we could get hit by a car or attacked by one of the coyotes people have seen.

Please love us and protect us from harm, and we will give you a lifetime of affection and love.

And by the way, please pick up after us if we make a mess — we want to be good neighbors too!

Lilli (and her friend David)

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  1. Thank you, Lilli, for reminding us of all that we must do to treat our animals with the care we would give a small child. I have had the Police go and check on a dog that seemed to be barking in distress and felt relieved that suddenly it got the attention it needed to be safe. I hope Santa Paws is extra good to you and that you have a long and happy life!

  2. Amen Lilli ❤️,
    Picking up after your dog is wonderful!
    Help keep Lansing from dog-mines.
    Lorna, Iris’s mom from days long ago.

  3. It is way to cold for any domestic animal to be outside. Yes, they have fur that helps when it’s around 30 degrees but not when it’s below zero.

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