Thinking about education


Local Voices

Paul Orich

I am thinking about education too, and I see it as public education ending way too soon for our underclass who probably couldn’t pay the extra for private school unless it was offered on a silver platter.

If education is so important and necessary for our country, why do we stop at high school? And if an educated population makes our economy greater, why wouldn’t we invest an amount equal to NASA? Why wouldn’t we tempt corporations with write-offs for helping out with grooming people into a work force?

One Chicago westside school — Johnson College Prep — has Hope Chicago working to send every student to college or trade school free for the students and their parents through a very uniquely generous commitment from a private businessman.

Our government falls short. Expects too much from people with too little money as well as too few opportunities.

Let education take people where they can go and see if that is a missing puzzle piece.

Paul Orich

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