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View the 2022 photo contest winners from the Cook County Forest Preserves

Information provided by Forest Preserve District of Cook County

COOK COUNTY, Ill. (September 24, 2022) – The Forest Preserve District of Cook County hosts a photo contest every year for local residents to submit photos of wildlife throughout the county’s many forest preserves and nature centers. Below are the winners, in no particular order, of this year’s photo contest. All photos are from the FPDCC’s Facebook page:

2022 photo contest winners

Long-eared Owl by Edward Boe – Northwest Cook County, January 2022.
Orland Grassland by Chris Gill – January 2022.
Pileated Woodpecker by Matthew Zuro – Salt Creek Woods Nature Preserve, January 2022.
Mallards by Roberta Appleby – Thatcher Woods, April 2022.
Chipmunk by Ken Olsen – Crabtree Nature Center, May 2022.
Wild Geranium by Fidencio Marbella – Wolf Road Prairie, May 2022.
Bold Jumping Spider by Edward Boe – Deer Grove-East, June 2022.
Eastern Screech-owls by Matthew Zuro – Bemis Woods, July 2022.
Maple Lake by Frank Grubich – July 2021.
Blazing Star and Goldenrod by Michelle Wendling – Camp Pine Woods, August 2022.
Exploding Milkweed Seed Pod by Roberta Appleby – Thatcher Woods, October 2021.
Sandhill Cranes by Derek Jordan – Deer Grove, March 2022.
Busse Woods by Joseph Peabody – February 2022.
Lion by Lisa Dinges – Brookfield Zoo, December 2020.
Hoverfly on a Poppy by Francesca Antonaci – Chicago Botanic Garden, Spring 2022.

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