Is this the largest Mexican flag in Lansing?

Mexican Flag
By Josh Bootsma

LANSING, Ill. (September 22, 2022) – With Hispanic Heritage Month starting on September 15, and Mexican Independence Day occurring the day after, many Mexican flags have been seen throughout the Village of Lansing in the last week as residents of Mexican descent celebrate their heritage.

One Lansing family has brought the celebration to new heights — literally. The Maciel family lives on Wentworth Avenue near Ridge Road and has added a massive flag to their front porch to celebrate Mexican Independence Day.

The flag is an estimated 15 feet long when completely stretched out, though the wind is rarely strong enough to do so.

Mexican Flag
This Mexican flag was placed by the Maciel family for Mexican Independence Day on September 16. (Photo: Josh Bootsma)

“We’re proud of our heritage. We’re proud of where we come from, and we’re not embarrassed or shy to let anybody know,” said Irazema Maciel, adding that the family decided to move the flag from the backyard to the front yard this year so more people could enjoy it.

Maciel and her husband Isaac are seven-year Lansing residents and live with their three children.

Mexican Flag
The next generation of the Maciel family is proud of their Mexican heritage — and they have a giant flag to prove it. (Photos provided)