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Virginia Ulaszek

With daylight getting scarce, we Lansing residents really need to light up our properties. Though I usually try to walk my dog Lucy while it’s still daylight, occasionally I have to walk her at night — down main streets like Burnham Avenue and Ridge Road. I am shocked at how many residents have light fixtures on their front porches but don’t turn them on at night.

Light up Lansing
The SYLVANIA Dusk to Dawn A19 LED Light Bulb with Auto On/Off Light Sensor is available from Click image to view on Amazon.

There are photoelectric LED bulbs (dusk to dawn) that screw into a standard light socket (see photo). These light bulbs turn on only when it’s dark outside — all automatically. You don’t even have to remember to turn on your outside light because you just leave the inside switch in the “on” position all the time, but the bulb itself doesn’t turn on until it’s dark outside. What could be simpler?

Ideally, the Village should also add streetlights to all the side streets in Lansing. There should be one streetlight at both ends of a block, as well as one streetlight in the middle of the block. My husband John and I have made that suggestion to the Village administration every year since we moved into Lansing (in 1976), but no additional streetlights have ever been added to Lansing side streets.

Criminals just love the dark. Light up Lansing and we may see a reduction in crime. We’re pretty sure Lansing residents would be happy about that.

Ginny and John Ulaszek

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  1. Thank you, Ginny! Yes, we do need lights on each corner. Maybe the Village budget could be adapted to address that in the coming new year? We DO need to fight crime in our wonderful Village! I’m so glad you told us about the lightbulbs. I hope Gus Bock carries them – heading there now. 🙂

  2. I walk with a flashlight at night. It moves with me as I go. Also helpful when picking up after the dog. No need to wait for neighbors to light my way, or the village for that matter.

    Happy Trails.


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