Lessons from a former hoarder – Chapter 4: Kitchen Klues


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Connie Simon

Hands down, the busiest room in the house that everyone seems to run through, congregate in, and constantly graze in is, of course, the kitchen. Holding the fridge door open expecting different food to magically appear every time it’s opened, but yet, still, same old same old. However, what does seem to constantly appear are the numerous crumbs that compile daily on the fridge shelves & side door. They’re like bunnies that multiply when you’re not looking. I mean, do they like, sneak in for a nightly crumb convention?

This nagging task that has irritated me to no end until I discovered an embarrassingly easy hack. A hot paper towel is the quick answer to a seemingly long task. To my joy, this quick and effective hot swipe makes all those little annoyances disappear. Like a clean empty sink, my fridge now sparkles top to bottom, and in record time! Mind you, I’m the Queen of my “power hour” but this hot swipe brings a spring to my step in just a few minutes!

I use this same technique on those weird crumbs in the silverware drawer. I sure don’t understand how CLEAN silverware attracts crumbs and debris after being placed in the drawer freshly washed, Anybody? It’s just so bizarre, yet, there it is. Since Sherlock Holmes isn’t available to solve the mystery, I choose the hot paper towel to make them all disappear! Can you see my smile? Why in the world did I wait so long, but not anymore! I keep one roll of paper towel under my kitchen sink at all times, NOT to be confused with a second roll upstairs in my bathroom closet. Make no mistake, there MUST BE TWO rolls. They seem to always be where I am not, and that is simply unacceptable. I want my “tools” where I am working. After all, you never know when the mood will strike! Yes, I have those wonderful reusable cloths, however, for the nasty swipes, I just want a good paper towel to use and toss out.

Another thing, I often wondered why people put appliances they use every day, away in a cabinet. All the bending & finagling getting them back in place, umm why? Then when we had our countertops replaced, WOW what an epiphany! I realized I really DIDN’T use those appliances daily, and not only that, unknowingly, it cluttered my brain! Looking at “a bunch of stuff” no matter WHERE it is, is just plain clutter. The kitchen sink, the fridge, the oven and stove, AWAY with it! Like everything else, if you haven’t used it in six months, sell it, give it, or pass it on. After all, groceries need to be bought and dinner needs to be made.

Someday, like in Back to the Future, I can just say, Cook Pizza! and it will be piping hot and appear on the table, but until then, laundry calls….

Connie Simon

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