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Red Wolves tennis aces first match of the year

Girls soccer begins, and golf continues

By Josh Bootsma

LANSING, Ill. (August 24, 2022) — As the first week of school starts, more TF South sports have started as well. So far this week, Red Wolves Girls Tennis and Golf have reported scores, with TF United Boys Soccer also reporting their first game.

Boys Soccer

Tuesday, August 23

Opponent: Lockport High School

Result: TF United lost to Lockport 6-1.

TF South and TF North combine both their soccer programs to form TF United. In Tuesday’s loss, Oswaldo Mendoza had eight saves in the game.

Boys Golf

Tuesday, August 23

Opponent: Argo High School

Result: TFS shot six strokes over Argo, taking the loss (198-192)

On Cog Hill’s #1 course, the Red Wolves were led by sophomore Ryan Marnell (44), senior Ryan Avenatti (49), senior Ethan Modjeski (51), and junior Andrew Danehl (54).

Thursday, August 23

Opponent: Shepard High School

Result: The Red Wolves won by two dozen strokes Thursday over Shepard (199-223)

The Red Wolves improve to 3-2 on the season with the victory at Centennial Park in Munster. Ethan Modjeski and Andrew Danehl led TFS with 49s. Ryan Avenatti and Ryan Marnell posted 50 and 51, respectively.

Senior Matthew Bell watches his putt roll before going in the hole at #5 at Centennial Park in Munster. (Photo provided)

Girls Tennis

Tuesday, August 23

Opponent: TF North High School

Result: The Red Wolves beat the Meteors 5-0.

The southsiders beat their northern rivals definitively during the first match of the season. Mariah Smith and Nancy Bob-Nwojo won their singles matches, while partners Godiva Tordjo and Rere Sonoiki, and Elizabeth Alvarez Azuri Akbar won their doubles matches. Kaylyn Imala and Emily Cabrera won by forfeit.

Our student athletes deserve local coverage

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Josh Bootsma
Josh Bootsma
Josh is Managing Editor at The Lansing Journal and believes in the power and purpose of community news. He covers any local topics—from village government to theatre, from business openings to migratory birds.


  1. Carl (Herby) Dorris, although your comment is irrelevant to the subject of the post, I approved it because it gives me an opportunity to address your concerns and establish a practice moving forward.
    First, you can be a Rebel as long as you want to be. No one is taking that away from you. All students who graduated from TF South before 2020 are free to consider themselves Rebels for the rest of their lives.
    But the school mascot and nickname were changed in April 2022, so today’s students are Red Wolves. When we refer to TF South students, athletes, graduates, band members, scholarship winners, teachers, and staff, we will be calling them Red Wolves. This will in no way diminish your identity as a Rebel.
    As we continue to publish stories about TF South Red Wolves, we will no longer approve comments that take the focus off current students and their accomplishments.

  2. Great job everyone! Happy to see the local school sports in the journal. I have a question, will only Varsity teams be covered in future articles? JV Girl’s tennis also won, but they were not mentioned. Everyone did expectacular.

    • Hi Erica, we’re glad you’re enjoying the sports coverage. We’ve worked hard to establish relationship at TF South to make this happen. As for JV sports, our focus is indeed the varsity sports. However, if we do receive JV scores from coaches, we will publish them. Thanks!

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