More than just a newspaper


Thank you, Lansing Journal community

by Melanie Jongsma, Publisher

LANSING, Ill. (July 31, 2022) – So many people have impacted The Lansing Journal during the past five years and helped us become more than just a newspaper:

  • Many of you have given financially, and we are grateful for your support.
  • Some of you have advertised with us, and we have enjoyed helping you get your message in front of people.
  • Some of you have sent encouraging notes or emails — and you might not realize how important those notes are.
  • Many of you have shared photographs — for our Lansing Journal Journeys feature, or our daily weather posts, or as part of another story — and we love those contributions.
  • A few of you have participated in the Common Ground program we sponsor, and we are thankful for your personal involvement in building community.
  • Some of you have shared story ideas with us and made us aware of things we didn’t know.
  • Some of you have been the subject of stories we’ve written, and we appreciate your trust.

All of this makes The Lansing Journal what it is — a community newspaper that is building community here in our town and in our region. As we celebrate five years of service this year, we want to thank you for being part of our story. (September 13, 2017, was the date of our first print issue, and we have some online articles that were published in July of 2017.)

More than just a newspaper

On the one hand, The Lansing Journal is just a newspaper. We’re just providing information.

And yet, information is important. Good information allows people to be understood. It allows connection and participation.

When Jennifer Yos writes a story about Lansing bike paths, that’s “just information,” but it gives people new ways to explore their town and experience their community.

When Karen Abbott-Trimuel writes about Master El and his Taekwondo accomplishments, she’s sharing information, but she’s also creating civic pride — Master El belongs to us; he’s part of our community.

When Carrie Steinweg tells us the history of Memorial Junior High School, and when Marlene Cook writes about our early origins and the old buildings that are still standing and serving people, that’s a history we share. And the new businesses in those old buildings are part of Lansing’s history now too.

It’s not just information. It’s connection. It’s pride. It’s identity. It’s community.

Because of a community

All of you are involved in making that connection and community possible. Subscribers, so many of you have told us that our Daily News email is the first thing you read each morning. Those clicks and views let us know that information is important to you — because you care about what goes on in your community.

And Supporters, when you give to The Lansing Journal, you are doing much more than paying for a subscription. You are building community. Preventing misunderstandings. Holding elected officials accountable. Protecting the vulnerable.

Without your support, The Lansing Journal would have folded a long time ago, and Lansing would be a different place today.

So thank you for making a difference with us.

Thank you for making The Lansing Journal more than just a newspaper.

More than just donors

These special people are more than just donors. They are sustainers. They have made a commitment to invest in this community newspaper with faithful monthly gifts. (The average monthly gift is $15. Is that an amount you could commit to? Click here to make your tax-deductible donation: Support The Lansing Journal)

Thank you to each person listed below whose financial support arrived again during July:

  • Anonymous Sustainers
  • Anonymous Friend
  • Anonymous Readers
  • Lindsey and Saad Abbasy
  • Karen Adams
  • Anthony Arnold
  • Donna Marshall Attinello
  • Jennifer Avenatti
  • Dave Badali
  • Patrick Baker
  • Adam Barker
  • Jeanne Benson
  • Dan Bergan
  • Marlene Biesboer
  • Wes and Joy Blocker
  • Bob Boer
  • Dan and Kristy Bootsma
  • Debbie Boroviak
  • Susan and Daniel Bovino
  • Theresa Bresnahan
  • Joseph Bugajski
  • Marsha Bultema
  • Maryann Centracchio
  • Christy Cheek
  • Kathleen and William Clausing
  • Laurel Clausing
  • Greg and Jane Compeau
  • Marlene Cook
  • Ruth Cook
  • Diane Costello
  • Denise Cox
  • Kerry Czarobski
  • Tricia DeBlock
  • Owen Deckinga
  • Patricia Deckinga
  • Antoinette DeLaurentis
  • Debra DeNardo
  • Rob and Sandy DeVries
  • Stefanie DeYoung
  • LouAnn Dommer
  • Lisa Doorn
  • Fran Duffy
  • Barb Dust
  • Richard Dust
  • Don Dykstra
  • Roseann Dykstra
  • Pamela Edrington
  • Alexa Edwards
  • Edwin H. Lugowski, Jr., AIA, Architect
  • Master El
  • Martina Eldsmoe
  • Margaret Evans
  • Frank Fetters
  • Fine Tune Auto
  • Bob Forner
  • Jim and Judy Friesema
  • Tina Funchion
  • Geraldine Giglio
  • Edward Gonzalez
  • Jacob Gourley
  • Patty Grigutis
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jasper Gulotta
  • Jerry and Judi Haan
  • Carey Halsey
  • Brian Hanigan
  • Jan Hansen
  • Brian and Kathy Hardy
  • Cam and Megan Harvey
  • Agatha Hason
  • Julie Hiskes
  • Ted and Helen Hnatusko
  • Marjorie Holme
  • Mark Hornung
  • Donna Huizenga
  • Smilja Ivancevic
  • Stephanie Jansma
  • Vinell Jones
  • Melanie Jongsma
  • Connie Jordan
  • Arlo and Brenda Kallemeyn
  • Jean Klacik
  • Nicole Kleidon
  • Frank Knittle
  • Judy and Karl Koch
  • Anita and John Kowalisyn
  • Pat Kremer
  • Cynthia Krusza
  • Mark and Missy Krygsheld
  • Jill Laboy
  • Cheryl LaMar
  • Pamela Lancy
  • Bruce Langman
  • David Larsen
  • Morris Lewis
  • Judy Lohr-Safcik
  • Jim and Suzanne Long
  • John Long
  • Luci Lugowski
  • Rich and Diane Lund
  • Caleb Lyzenga
  • Kathleen Maanum
  • Nick Maloni
  • Chanta Manson
  • Barbara McKinney
  • Dehlia Mendoza
  • Lynda Mendoza
  • Roberto Mendoza
  • Christine Merchat
  • Martha Montiel
  • Chuck Murach
  • Hollis Napoli
  • Marilou Ooms
  • Grant Oppenhuis
  • Gregory Ott
  • Don and Mary Beth Palka
  • Thomas Panichi
  • Robert Parrent
  • Moira Peterson
  • Gabriel Pierce
  • Susan Planer
  • Rosemarie Polgar
  • Jay and Chris Popp
  • Joanne Pritchard
  • Jean Qualls
  • Penelope Rellis
  • Carla Rispens
  • Rose Rivas
  • Jane Roseen
  • Shirley Rucker
  • Kristin Russell
  • Jennifer Saia
  • Carol Schaap
  • Ann Schenkel
  • Roberta Schopp-Coe
  • Sandy Schultz
  • Pete and Shirley Schurman
  • Irene Sepiol
  • Freddie Simmons
  • Connie Simon
  • Todd Simon
  • Mike and Denise Skrbina
  • Slaughter & Associates
  • Michelle Smith
  • Frieda Smits
  • Richard Smits
  • Reba Spilis
  • Kelsee Stallinga
  • Dan Stamper
  • Anne Marie Stole
  • John Stole
  • Jim Sweeney
  • Debbie Terpstra
  • Linda Todd
  • Karen and Gammon Trimuel
  • Virginia and John Ulaszek
  • Lionel Valencia
  • Wendy Van Der Aa
  • Jill Van Kuiken
  • James Van Milligen
  • Arlyn VanEk
  • Ken Varnes
  • Gerrit Veenstra
  • Irma Vela
  • Tim Vermeer
  • Sandy Vree
  • Sandra Wagner
  • Scott Wagner
  • Phyllis Warsen
  • Waters Edge Aquascaping
  • Dave Wilford
  • Beverly Wilhelm
  • Adrienne Winchester
  • Nancy and Bob Wojcik
  • Bob and Jean Wood
  • Jennifer Yos
  • Patricia Yos
  • Chris Zdanowski
  • Char Zralka
  • Noel Zupancic

Additional support

Not everyone can give on a regular schedule, and some people prefer to respond to specific requests for help. (Are you one of those people? We welcome your support! Click here to make your tax-deductible donation: Support The Lansing Journal)

This month, we received special support from these friends, and we are grateful for their investment too:

  • Anonymous Supporter
  • Robert Barnes
  • Josh Bootsma
  • John and Elizabeth Bush
  • Joyce Dykstra
  • Jerome Ellis
  • Rebecca Furlong
  • Evelyn Gossman
  • Beverly Jacobson
  • Clem and Barb Lessner
  • Henry Meurs
  • Joyce Mulder
  • Marion Munnich
  • Jay and Chris Popp
  • Lorraine Przybyl
  • Wilhelmina Straatman
  • Carol Ann Surufka
  • Elisa Terrazas

We are so grateful for all the people who believe that community is important and who are willing to invest in the important work The Lansing Journal is doing.
more than
P.S. We are five years in, and our next phase of growth will require new ways of thinking. If you’ve never contributed to this community newspaper before, now is a good time to join us on this journey! Click the button and choose what kind of supporter you want to be: