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Paul Orich

How can Bob Malkas in one sentence say January 6 was no threat to our democracy “as we have been repeatedly told”? (See From the files of Bob Malkas: Putting January 6th behind us.)

Hasn’t he been following how that massive armed crowd broke into the Capitol? Does he think it was a spontaneous gathering without any underlying attempt at overthrowing the election?

Glad he read into history, but really!

Paul Orich

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  1. Paul, I agree. We cannot put 1/6 behind us until those who planned and perpetrated the overthrow of our democracy have been charged and punished. This was not a one-off. If we ignore it, it will happen again and next time they might succeed. This is of the utmost importance and pretending that it was anything less than a coup attempt is appalling to me. Everyone should be watching the hearings and paying attention because our future depends on learning from our past. And you can’t learn anything by sweeping the facts under the rug.

  2. Mr. Orich,

    I think you are drinking the Media and Democrat cool aid regarding January 6. This was a rally and protest that got out of hand, just like the Kavanaugh hearings, protesters chasing Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema into the bathroom to intimidate her or Congresswoman Walters from California telling her followers to harass republican politicians and Trump supporters where they live,work and eat.
    It was a very bad day, but it was not anything close to an overthrow or our democracy. It was a protest rally that had gotten out of hand by a few individuals. No weapons, just idiots.

  3. Mr. Orich is ‘Totally Correct’!! All of the evidence points to a ‘Planned, Armed, Coup’!! If the USA becomes a Dictatorship instead of a Democracy, I guess some people would be ok with that. Too much blood has been shed to make this country the best place in the world to call home. If he wants Dictatirship, Russia is taking citizen applications

    • The Capitol rioters of January 6th definitely need to be delt with and examples made of them, whether unwitting accomplices or not ignorance is not an excuse for what they did. His cabinet had to threaten then President Trump with the 25th amendment to get him to send these people packing, so his plan was pretty obvious.

      We’ve gradually let things get out hand over the last several decades by letting things slide for political appearances, starting with Nixon, enough is enough.
      “What one generation tolerates, the next generation will embrace.”

  4. The media is not only left-leaning, and those who believe this was “no big deal” are also believing the media that they listen to. If Pence had done what they wanted him to do, it WOULD have have been overthrowing the will of the people, and democracy would have been a sham. This was a serious threat, and if we fail to take note of the ways that we came very close to a coup, we proceed at our peril. If this had been anyone other than Republican conservatives storming the capital with guns and death threats, how many citizens would see this as a protest that “got out of hand?”

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