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David Wilford

Does England celebrate the 4th of July?

In a way, yes! They do celebrate US Independence Day on the 4th of July!

“What?” you ask.

In the English town of Washington, the ancestral home of George Washington, the Washington England Historical Society does a mock war with authentic costumes between the Redcoats and the English Colony Minutemen, replete with rifle and cannon fire. George Washington in full general uniform is portrayed by the Mayor of Washington.

fourth of july
An annual ceremony in Washington, England on July 4 features Redcoats and Colonial Minutemen. (Photo David Wilford)

The British surrender — again! The Stars and Stripes are raised as the Redcoats retreat. A soloist sings The Star-Spangled Banner. Those watching eat hot dogs and apple pie.

David Wilford and his wife Bonnie attended the annual George Washington-focused ceremony in 2004 while visiting their son Edward at Durham University in England. (Photo: David Wilford)

After the dramatic festivities, my late wife Bonnie and son Edward (Ted) toured the Washington ancestral home dating back to the 16th century. My English-born grandfather would have loved it!

David Wilford

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  1. This is interesting to know. I just watched the movie “1776” about the creation of the Declaration of Independence so this article fit right in. I recommend this movie and again I liked the info about the 4th and England.

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