Video: Melanie, a helicopter, and a bucket of golf balls


LANSING, Ill. (June 17, 2022) – The Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce organizes a golf outing every year to raise funds for the Chamber and its charitable initiatives. This year, the fundraising was elevated — literally.

The Lansing Journal was invited to join Chamber member Connie Simon from HVAC Masters in a helicopter that was flown to Glenwoodie Golf Club to add extra flair to this year’s 50/50 raffle. Watch below to see full coverage of the high-level fundraising:

Aurora Helicopters, LLC

Learn more about Aurora at their website,

Chamber Family Giving Fund

More information about the Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce’s Family Giving program is on the chamber’s website,

Special thanks

The Lansing Journal gives a special thanks to Connie Simon from HVAC Masters for inviting The Lansing Journal to join her skyward trip to Glenwoodie Golf Club. And thanks to Jim Miller for flying us there.

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  1. So cool ! Melanie and Josh did another fine job ! Hats off to the Lansing Chamber and Aurora Helicopters ! We need more stories and videos like this !

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