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June 11: A Saturday of garage sales

3112 190th Street is one of the 109 addresses in Lansing participating in the Village-wide Garage Sale. The sale will help the Avila family and their daughter, Super Teci. (Photo: Josh Bootsma, 2021)
By Josh Bootsma

LANSING, Ill. (June 7, 2022) – June 11 will be a Saturday of sales in Lansing. Garage sales, that is. Once a year, the Village of Lansing selects a summer weekend to waive the five-dollar garage sale fee for residents. The Lan-Oak Park District also hosts an annual garage sale event in Lan-Oak Park for local residents. This year, the two events will occur on the same Saturday, allowing residents across town to flex their bargain-hunting muscles.

The Village-wide sale includes 109 addresses, with sales running from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. The Lan-Oak Park sale runs from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Lan-Oak Park, which is located at 178th and Arcadia.

Garage sale addresses

The full list of addresses is included below:

  • 3414 173rd Place: Glass antiques ($5 each item)
  • 2052 176th Place: Art, furniture, houseware
  • 3438 177th Street: Tools, clothing
  • 2441 178th Street: Children & women clothing
  • 3355 178th Street: Small electronics, small appliances, clothes, etc.
  • 3003 180th Street: Household, clothes, tools
  • 1929 182nd Street: Clothing and shoes
  • 2615 183rd Street: Household items, toys, clothes, furniture
  • 3413 186th Street: Clothes, jewelry, craft items and more
  • 3112 190th Street: Household items
  • 3046 191st Place: Garden supplies, home décor
  • 3050 191st Street: Twin bed, queen headboard, vacuum, kids clothes, toys, misc.
  • 3122 191st Street: Furniture, fishing items, garage items
  • 3547 192nd Street: Luggage, small appliances, clothing, books
  • 3650 193rd Court: Household items and exercise equipment
  • 3729 193rd Place: Household items, baby items, shoes, clothes
  • 19211 Ada Street: Household, tools, holiday items, a little of everything
  • 3261 Ann Street: purses/belts/cds/rare records
  • 18938 Barbara Court: Clothes and household items
  • 18752 Bernadine Street: Clothes, shoes, kitchen stuff
  • 18808 Bernadine Street: Gas grill, household items
  • 18622 Bernadine Street: Household goods, electronics, clothing
  • 3313 Bernice Road: Shoes, hats, purses, clothing, toys, games, lawn mower, dishes
  • 3251 Bernice Road: toys, tools, lots of odds and ends
  • 17158 Burnham Ave: Misc. items
  • 18124 Burnham Ave: Clothes, kitchen & bedding items, books, dvds, jewelry and more
  • 18701 Burnham Ave: Books, household items, craft items
  • 18228 Burnham Ave: table, chairs, kitchen items, dishes, pots, pans, baking sheets, shelves, lamps
  • 18426 Carriage Lane: Dollhouse, household items, clothes, toys
  • 17903 Chicago Ave: Couch/Red Table
  • 17241 Chicago Ave: Tools, Clothes
  • 18252 Chicago Ave: Small furniture, glassware, etc.
  • 18640 Chicago Ave: Women’s clothing, accessories, home décor, furniture, tools, misc.
  • 17232 Chicago Ave: Household items
  • 18517 Clyde Ave: Household goods, clothing and accessories, tools
  • 17936 Commercial Ave: Household items
  • 17327 Community: Toys, furniture, shoes
  • 17861 Community: Clothes, coats, kitchen items, golf club cart caddie, toys
  • 17507 Community Street: gently used household items and clothing
  • 18131 Crystal Lane: Die cast trucks, name brand women’s clothes, home goods, tools, furniture
  • 18148 Crystal Lane: toys, kids & adult clothes, household items, rocking chair, motorized vehicles
  • 17936 Dekker Street: Tools, household items, misc. vintage
  • 17929 Escanaba: Bikes, ladders, misc.
  • 18057 Escanaba: New kitchen utensils, misc.
  • 17910 Escanaba Ave: Clothes, household items
  • 17931 Exchange Ave: Vintage dresses, purses, children’s outdoor play furniture/toys, garden tools, pots
  • 18641 Forest View Lane: Foosball table, Lego table, furniture, clothes
  • 17849 Glen Oak Ave: Fishing, tools, collectibles, precious moments, McDonalds memorabilia, housewares
  • 17850 Glen Oak Ave: Die cast cars, woman shoes/designer purses and garage stuff
  • 18236 Grant Street: Furniture, home décor, clothing shoes
  • 17027 Greenbay Ave: Knick knacks, clothes, tools, furniture, toys and more
  • 18200 Harper Street: Clothes, knickknacks, shoes, jewelry, pictures, furniture, lamps
  • 2750 Indiana Ave (downstairs): Books, DVDs, Audio books
  • 3636 Jackson Street: Christmas items, household goods, pet supplies & more
  • 3543 Jackson Street: household, garden
  • 18333 Lange Street: Household items, clothing, Harley Davidson motorcycle parts and helmets
  • 17333 Lorenz Ave: Miscellaneous household items, downsizing
  • 17158 Lorenz Ave: Nascar motorized cars, Betty Boop canister, household items
  • 3246 Louise Drive: Household items, collectibles, records
  • 18930 Louise Drive: Household items
  • 19305 Maple Street: Misc. Appl. Rec.
  • 18435 Maple Street: DVD and cassette players, Receiver, bike, 2 room tent, new household items, handheld vacuum
  • 17933 Maple Street: Jigsaw, books, housewares, circular saw, ladders, lawn mower, garden tools, etc.
  • 18001 Maple Street: Clothes, shoes
  • 17756 Maple Street: Clothes, toys, housewares
  • 3444 Monroe Street: Kitchen items, clothes, knickknack
  • 3655 Monroe Street: Furniture, household items, clothes, antique dolls and more
  • 3531 Monroe Street: Furniture, clothes, outdoor/indoor items
  • 3529 Monroe Street: Household items, tools, fishing, clothes, holiday, kids stuff
  • 18300 Myrtle Court: Books, crafting supplies, canvas boards, colored pencils, crayons
  • 18660 Oak Ave: Models 1/72-counted stitch kits, books
  • 18503 Oak Ave: Misc. power tools, wheeled kayak carts, charcoal and gas grills
  • 18533 Oakwood Ave: Clothes, shoes, kitchen appliance
  • 18314 Oakwood Ave: New/used girls/men’s shoes/clothes, tools, lawn equip, crafts & supplies
  • 18537 Olde Farm Road: Clothing, household items and some tools
  • 18219 Olde Farm Road: Clothing, shoes, toys, bikes, household goods, etc.
  • 18235 Olde Farm Road: Clothing, household, purses, shoes
  • 17948 Park Ave: Furniture, designer handbags, clothing sizes large and xlarge
  • 18125 Park Ave: Misc. household items
  • 18047 Park Ave: New lamps, household items
  • 2730 Ridge Road: Pots, pans, dishes, knick-knacks
  • 17060 Ridgewood Ave: Miscellaneous – collectibles
  • 17946 Ridgewood Ave: All kinds of shoes
  • 18438 Roy Street: Women’s plus clothes, children clothes, home décor
  • 17136 Roy Street: Shoes, treadmill, clothes
  • 17942 Roy Street: New nascar golf bag, housewares, holiday, books, games, clothing, misc.
  • 18303 Roy Street: Home goods, refinished furniture, décor, baby items, clothing
  • 19115 Roy Street: Household items and clothes
  • 18355 School Street: Pop culture collectibles
  • 18800 Sherman Street: Tools, Bike, House items
  • 19216 Sherman Street: Graded comics, Pokémon and baseball cards, kids toys, home goods
  • 18437 Sherman Street: Women’s size xs-l, boys size 8-12, house hold items, something for everyone
  • 18443 Sherman Street: Household, furniture
  • 18920 Sherman Street: Clothing, furniture, knick knack
  • 17832 Stateline: Clothes, purses, shoes, frames, vases
  • 17530 Stateline Ave: Clothing, Shoes, household items
  • 2427 Thornton Road: Kids items, collectibles, furniture
  • 17237 Walter Street: Children, adult clothing; household & collector items; blankets, comforter
  • 17022 Waterford Drive: Clothes, shoes and household goods
  • 18047 Wentworth Ave: Garden items, clothes, tools, toys
  • 17501 Wentworth Ave: Tools, electrical, home improvement, boutique, xmas, yarn, dolls, kitchenware
  • 18361 West Street: Chairs, tools, car ramps, bbq grill
  • 18054 Whitman Lane: Baby items, adult & children clothing, household goods
  • 18085 Whitman Lane: Clothing
  • 19212 Wildwood Ave: Wooden afghan stand, miniature crystal, clothing women, men big and tall
  • 17906 Wildwood Ave: Women/children clothes, house knickknacks, shoes, toys
  • 19058 Wildwood Ave: Household items, clothes, weight set and misc. items
  • 18657 William Street: Home Décor
  • 17543 Wright Street: Clothes, plates dish, household items
Josh Bootsma
Josh Bootsma
Josh is Managing Editor at The Lansing Journal and believes in the power and purpose of community news. He covers any local topics—from village government to theatre, from business openings to migratory birds.